This week's Atlassian news 👇

Page status, a new way to keep your team informed!

You'll be able to assign and change the statuses of your pages. There are some out-of-the-box statuses you can use for example In progress, ready for review, and so on but you can also customize your own!  

We already talked about this feature when it was first announced a few months back but now it's being rolled out to all customers and you can expect to see it in your Confluence Cloud soon.

New Confluence Reactions 👀💙👏✨

The next feature that is being rolled out to Confluence is the new Emoji Reactions.

Up until now, you were able to like comments or pages in Confluence but with the new emoji reactions, you can use any emoji.  Be it a check emoji on the comment, heart, or fire emojis as a page reaction - you can do it all. And as a bonus, you can also upload and use custom emojis.  

This is definitely a great feature that will make your Confluence pages more interactive.

Fail Tales: a storytelling event in celebration of failure

And speaking of the events the official date and lineup of Fail Tails is out!  

Fail Tail is an event celebrating Failure and Psychological safety in the teams.  There are 3 amazing speakers with inspiring stories - Matt, Anita, and Ashley.

Looking at the topic they cover a wide range of things from Jira migrations to organizing events.  The vibe of the event is informal, you're encouraged as an attendee to unmute and ask questions along the way if you want.  

Add the event to the calendar and join on the 26th of June to listen to the fail tails.

What's new in Atlas—June 2022

The Atlas team created this announcement to keep us in the loop with the latest changes to Atlas.  

One of the most interesting ones is team kudos. You can send a thank-you note to your team members and show your appreciation! Kudos are one of the great ways to keep your team engaged and happy!  

You can also follow the teams, not only people, so you stay up to day with the team's work and progress in Atlas.  

There are also a couple of smaller improvements to filters and links, so have a look at the post if you're using Atlas so you're up to date.

📚Article of the week: Perceptions vs. Reality

Atlassian run the research amongst 503 people from different teams and industries and found some interesting insights.

What I like about this study is how it compares the expectations and thoughts of C-level members with teams themselves.

For example, 86% of C-level members think that teams are less productive if they work in different locations. On the other hand, only 30% of workers agree with this statement.

Or the majority of C-level members think that teams should define their own responsibilities but the majority of workers expect this to be defined by their manager.

These misalignments cause confusion and frustration, making sure that everyone is aware of these differences is a great starter for the communication and solving the core issues in your teams and company.