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New reduced pricing tiers for Halp

Halp announced at the beginning of the month a change in their pricing.

Halp is a conversational ticketing system that connects with your communication tools like Slack and Microsoft teams and helps you raise tickets and track them through their lifecycle.It is loved by IT teams, HR, and Ops.

With a new pricing model more agents you add the cheaper the seats get. Also if you have a yearly subscription you'll now pay only for 10 months, getting 2 months free. And if you're by any chance an educational, non-profit, or open-source organization then you will get further discounts:

  • 75% for educational organizations,
  • 50% for non-profts,
  • and 100% for open source.

Atlassian Bug Bounty Update - July 2021

Atlassian published their quarterly security testing report from the Bug Bounty program. Atlassian uses the BugCrowd platform where security researchers test their products and try to find issues that otherwise might go undetected and cause harm.

Atlassian News: Bug Bounty July Update

Over the last quarter, there have been over 200 researchers who tested Atlassian products. They submitted close to 500 bugs with close to 150 of them being valid.

You can download a full report here.

The state of Forge report

In the early days of June, Jexo and Resolution held a Hackathon with an intention to explore Forge. You can read what we learned in "The state of Forge" report written by Tobias from resolution and Leo from Jexo.

We wrote this report for developers who are just starting out on their first app development project using Atlassian's new tool-set to understand what is possible in this space. Secondly, we wanted it to be more than that by reporting our findings back to the Atlassian Forge team so they can address some issues which came up during our exploration.

Make sure you also read the comments section where the Atlassian team clarified some of the points mentioned in the report.

Atlassian News: Resolution and Jexo Forge report

Webinar: Content Marketing in Confluence

Content Marketing in Confluence webinar is held over two dates:

  • german version: 21st July
  • English version: 27th July

The event is co-hosted and presented by Victoria from Actonic and David from Seibert. Both Victoria and David are Marketing Managers with a lot of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem. They'll teach you a few tricks to improve your marketing planning habits with the help of Confluence.

Webinar: Learn how QA teams can improve testing inside Jira with QTM4J

Join Rupal Der on Wednesday 15th July at 11 am PT for a webinar about QTM4J app and how it helps optimize your QA process in Jira.

In the webinar, you'll learn how to create and manage your test cases, how to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline, how to do cross-project reporting, and as a bonus, you'll learn how to save time while doing exploratory testing.

Atlassian News: QTM4J QA webinar

Podcast: Reinventing Hot Wheels

A new episode of the Teamistry podcast is out and talks about "Reinventing Hot Wheels" and how they were facing a crisis as kids started being more and more interested in video games than physical toys.  You'll learn about the team that came up with a physical product that blends into the digital world as well.