This week's episode is special - Biro, Monday Coffee co-host, Co-founder & CEO at Jexo, is celebrating his birthday!
Happy birthday, Biro 🎉🎉🎉
So before we eat some cake, here is last week's Atlassian news recap:

Happy Jira July '22

Jira July is back! A community event to celebrate the greatest work management tool of them all - Jira.

There are going to be many activities you can join in the community and share on Twitter or LinkedIn. For example, you can compose a haiku poem about Jira, say thank you to your admins on Jira Admin Appreciation Day, ask questions during Jira Office hours, and more!

Have a look at the post to see all activities and join the Jira July celebration 🍾

Introducing Findable Drafts - a better way to start, pause, and resume your work

Looks like the Confluence team decided to tackle a growing problem on the platform: abandoned drafts.

In Confluence, until now, users wouldn't know where to find their drafts because your page drafts were hidden under the Recent tab. Because of this, many users would start drafts to abandon them later. Only a few know how to get to their drafts, others reach out to their admins to help them find the lost pages.

So safe to say a total mess.
But not anymore: Atlassian is introducing Findable Drafts!
Basically, they're placing drafts where they belong:

  • in your page tree view where you created them;
  • on page cards indexed and searchable;
  • in your home view on the "Pick up where you left off" section.

The entries in these new locations come with a tag that says it's a draft and can only be seen by you and any collaborators that you invited to work on the draft. The feature started rolling out last week and should be with you shortly.

Content icons, drag and drop, and more for Confluence shortcuts!

One more Confluence improvement on our list today.

The shortcut section in the Confluence space menu is getting an upgrade. Shortcuts are links you can add to your Confluence space navigation so that you have all handy links available when you need them. For example, links to mockups, whiteboards, Jira projects, and so on.

With the latest improvements, you'll be able to:

  • add icons to your shortcuts;
  • change order using drag and drop;
  • remove shortcuts directly from the list.

These great and significant improvements to Confluence shortcuts make them much easier to use.

Cloud Transformation for the Masses!!!

On July 21, 2022, join Rotterdam ACE team for an exciting full hybrid event on Cloud Migrations!

Cloud leaders, industry experts and practitioners will come together to reflect on their cloud transformation journey and discuss their lessons learned across the virtual table.

The event will be hosted both in person and virtually, and streamed live on YouTube, with a professional doodleist brain-mapping the entire discussion as it happens!

Amazing, right? Check it out and RSVP.

Hear us out! If you’re not doing these 3 things, you’re not practicing active listening

In this article of the week, we'll look at how you can improve your active listening skills.

There is a difference between passive and active listening. When practicing active listening, you understand other person's problem by focusing not only on what they're saying but also on what expressions they use. You can react appropriately to the topic, which improves understanding and boosts relationships.

It does require effort, as you need to fully focus on the conversation and remove all distractions (mobile phones first of all). But there are many more tips in the article on how you can improve your active listening skills.

One of our favorites is 'going on mute' during the calls.
Have you ever interrupted while people were talking and some idea popped into your head? What helps is to keep yourself on mute, when there is that extra step before you start speaking. And if you're worried you may forget the idea, you can type it in the chat and get to it once others finish their thought.

For more tips like this, have a look at the article and see how you can improve your active listening skills too.