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Automation for Jira will be included in Jira Data Center

Jira Data Center users rejoice! Atlassian just announced that Automation for Jira will become a native functionality in Jira Data Center. The automation feature is expected to be ready and available in a future Jira Version to be released before 30 June 2022. In addition, the Marketplace app version will become completely free until customers manage to upgrade to the Jira version that has the automation embedded.

The new Issue Create is available to 100% of Jira Cloud users

The new create issue view is now available to everyone on Cloud! The new issue view was redesigned and rebuilt for better performance and scalability and should be up to 3 times faster.

There is still an option to switch to the old create issue view in settings if you wish but this option will be removed in June this year.

The Atlassian team is working on collecting and addressing feedback they get around this new view so if you have any drop the comment in the post so they can have a look.

If you're using Trello you can enjoy a new release that introduced the ability to add observers to your board with a sharable link. Observers can view and comment on your board. A great feature for anyone who wants to share their board outside the organization and is looking for feedback on their plan. You can read more about how sharable links work in the documentation that is linked to the post.

Matt from K15t talks about Atlas and TEAM'22

Team Central got a new name - Atlas! Atlas helps connect and communicate at the right level of detail, to make it easier to understand and navigate the complexities of modern work.

Call it your "work Twitter", you will be able to post short updates about your work and projects and follow people from your company you're interested in so you never miss on the latest changes and updates.

Partner of the year awards 2021

Partner of the year awards were announced at Team '22 and you can find them all on this page. You will find there your usual suspects, Appfire winning Agile at scale app, Tempo for Enterprise app services, Daniel from 55 Degrees takes home the Developer Contributor award, and more. Congratulations to everyone! ๐Ÿ‘

Multiple Atlassian sites showing down/under maintenance

Last week on the 5th of April the incident started in Atlassian cloud products, namely Jira, Confluence, Opsgenie, Status page, and Atlassian access.

Some customers reported they cannot access their Atlassian products, Atlassian then released a statement on Twitter explaining how the incident happened, quote "While running a maintenance script, a small number of sites were disabled unintentionally."

Atlassian also immediately ruled out the cyber attack, the issue was caused unintentionally by an internal mistake, and no customer data leaked outside the organization. Atlassian is communicating with affected customers to restore their instances and you can also follow the Atlassian status page to see the latest information on this incident.

Article of the week: Introducing Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics

Atlassian is launching a data lake where you can access data from all your Atlassian products and use a new product Atlassian Analytics for data visualization. ย 

Soon you'll be also able to pull data from any of your Jira Confluence Bitbucket instances and create custom charts using SQL or the no-code way.

Furthermore, Atlassian has confirmed that you'll be able to also bring data from external tools and sources to make Atlassian Analytics your go-to hub for all your company data.