New Developer and Marketplace Support Page and Service Desk

A while ago, we reported that Atlassian was changing the way developer and marketplace partners engage with the ecosystem team. The purpose was to consolidate resources and make things less confusing.

Well the time has come and the ecosystem team launched a new unified support portal for dev and marketplace partners and a service desk ticket project under the key ECOHELP. This does mean that DEVHELP and AMKTHELP 2 will close down. But you will be able to see your existing tickets from these two projects in the new ECOHELP portal.

The landing page for the unified support is great too. Now, we have only one place to go to when in need of anything ecosystem. The support sections are also pretty clear so you know where to head too. One thing I'd say is I already spotted a section that's missing or I'm not able to find it. So if you don't find something in the new portal, make sure to raise it in this post. Folks from Atlassian are responding there.

Big updates to the big picture in Jira Software Roadmaps

And now to the big improvement announcement to Jira roadmaps.

Now you'll be able to vizualize stories or tasks on the roadmap under epics in your Jira project roadmap. This is a great improvement that allows teams to see and plan issues under epics from a single project.

This story-level roadmap view is disabled by default. You can enable it from your project settings. These changes are being rolled out to both company-managed and team-managed projects.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

This week, we have 3 partner-organized events on Thursday, 4 August, 2022.

  • Jira Work Management for All by Expium
  • Atlassian’s Tech Tactics for Government Users by Carahsoft
  • Restore IT Services and Resolve Issues Faster with Jira Incident Management by ANB Technologies

Navigate to Goosly Atlassian Events 2022 Calendar for more Atlassian ACE events this week and to find links to the listed webinars.

What to do when cognitive overload threatens your productivity

If you're often feeling overwhelmed and not able to focus, this is a great article to read.

It talks about cognitive load theory, which explains that there are limits to how much information we're able to digest at any given time. High amounts of information decrease our ability to focus. This decreases the ability to take in new information.

Remember all the open tabs, slack notifications, or emails you're getting on a daily basis. And all that distracts you from the goals you're trying to focus on.

In this article, you can find a detailed explanation of what cognitive load means, as well as tips on how to improve your focus by removing or blocking unnecessary information.

For example, limit the amount of open tabs in your browser and use tab management apps.  Or snooze slack channels so they don't distract you from work and check them in your own time.

You can also implement time management and productivity techniques like Pomodoro clock, prioritized to-do lists, and more.

White Noise & Pomodoro to Help You Focus