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Community event: Premium Week!

A new community event called "Premium week" was announced! The event will be running from 15th to 19th November 2021. The main goal is to introduce you to the Atlassian Premium products on Confluence, Jira, and Jira Service Management. Unlike other Atlassian events, this one is more of a competition. You'll be collecting points by attending webinars, sharing what you learned, and so on.

Read more here if you're interested in learning more about Atlassian Premium products.

Confluence giving you a personal space automatically

New changes are coming to Confluence: all Confluence users will now receive a personal space automatically. And if you're already a Confluence user and you don't have one, it'll be created for you automatically over the next few weeks.

Personal space is fully controlled by the user for whom it was created. It can be used for all sorts of things like to-do lists or taking notes of things you want to remember, writing down the ideas, and more. Basically, anything that you wouldn't include or isn't yet ready to be added to your company and team spaces.

New filter for incident activity feed in Jira Service Management Cloud

A new feature that enables you to filter the activity logs on your JSM tickets is being gradually released to Jira Service Management over the next few weeks.

Atlassian news: New filter for activity feed in Jira Service Management

You'll be able to filter the information you need, with the main focus on the speed of understanding Incident changes. You'll get to list only comments or work logs or alerts and so on. The alerts and incident changes are picked up from the ticket activity if you integrate with OpsGenie.

Insert multiple excerpts from the same page in Confluence

The latest Confluence improvement that'll come in handy for everyone who is creating a lot of Confluence content that needs to be reused.

Up until now, you could use only one Excerpt macro on the Confluence page to create the reusable content. With this new improvement, you'll be able to add multiple Excerpt macros on the page that you can then reuse.

Atlassian news: Multiple Excerpt macros on one Confluence page

A great example of how you can use these multiple excerpt macros is a legal document that can include many different statements. You can tag your statements with Excerpt and then use Excerpt include macro to reference the statement you need.

📚Article of the week: Atlassian's Q1 FY22 letter to shareholders

The Atlassian quarterly financial report is out, and along with it, the letter from the founders detailing the happenings across the organization.  

The article talks about the migration momentum's boost to cloud revenue and the ever-improving migration hub resources. A section also mentions Atlassian's focus on the three offering pillars, Agile development, ITS, and Work management, and how partnerships with other companies in this space are taking shape, consolidating the integrations strategy. And the third section of the letter is dedicated to social responsibility and sustainability, mentioning being an early signatory of the Trusted Cloud Principles initiative and the Sustainability Report.

Atlassian news: Atlassians Q1 F22 letter to shareholders

And you can also find there the financial reports! It clearly shows the push to Cloud, with Cloud revenue doubling over the last 2 years and achieving a 53% year-on-year growth this quarter. Data Center seems to be also moving fast with close to 3x growth in 2 years. And if we look at the quarterly revenue, we can see that Q1 2022 is almost double Q1 2020.

TEAM Stock Increase by 9%

As an effect of the positive financial growth revealed in the Quarterly Report mentioned above, the TEAM Stock grew last week by more than 9%.