Atlassian Intelligence for Jira in BETA

Atlassian announced that Atlassian Intelligence for Jira Software is now available to try out in beta. Features include a natural language search that allows you to search for issues using everyday language — designed to help users find work faster and unlock the power of Jira Query Language. As well as a generative AI in the editor to help generate, edit, and summarise content as you type.

Atlassian Intelligence in JSM in BETA

Atlassian also unveiled Atlassian Intelligence beta for Jira Service Management, and these innovations promise to reshape support, arming teams with the ability to:

  1. Automate support interactions and deflect issues with responses generated from your knowledge base
  2. Summarise issue activity history to get up to speed
  3. Generate, transform, and summarize content as you type.

Smart Answers in Confluence in BETA

Atlassian unveils the open beta of 'Smart Answers in Confluence Search', an AI-driven feature to enhance search capabilities. Users can now ask questions as they would to a colleague, and the system provides instant answers. Once an organization's admin activates Atlassian Intelligence, members can utilize the AI search via Confluence's search bar. Atlassian emphasizes its commitment to data privacy and encourages user feedback for refining the AI tool. This innovation aims to streamline information retrieval in Confluence.

8 Improvements to Jira Experience

Atlassian is on a mission to enhance Jira Software. In their recent quarterly recap, discover 8 game-changing improvements, including:

  1. The Jira Command Palette is a new shortcut to efficiency.
  2. Performance enhancements in company-managed boards and backlogs.
  3. Admins now have the ability to manage any team, even if they’re not a member.
  4. And 2 new ways to quickly edit issues in team-managed projects.

JSM Dashboard Templates in Analytics

Atlassian introduces three new Jira Service Management dashboard templates for its Atlassian Analytics users. Aimed at optimizing service desk operations and improving customer experience, the dashboards offer insights into service desk health, workflow bottlenecks, and team performance. Specifically:

  • Customer Experience evaluates customer feedback.
  • Requests Needing Attention pinpoints workflow issues.
  • Service Desk Operations assesses internal operations.

At the moment only Cloud Enterprise plan users can access Atlassian Analytics.

Better Together - JWM is Included

Good news - Jira Work Management is here to stay with Jira Software. Jira Work Management was originally intended to be included in Jira Software until March 2024 but Atlassian listened to feedback and has removed the end date.

Atlas Camp is BACK

Atlassian announces the return of its premier developer conference, Atlas Camp, set for 4-5 December in Copenhagen. The event invites developers worldwide to network and share insights about the Atlassian ecosystem's future. Atlassian is currently seeking speakers to share their unique developer experiences and stories. Those interested in presenting can submit their talks by Oct 16, 2023.

Onboarding and Procurement Made Easier

This webinar from our friends at Jodocus is happening this Wednesday and it dives into the potential of Jira Service Management (JSM) in streamlining onboarding and procurement processes. Experts Jan, Co-Founder of Jodocus, and Krešimir, Product Manager at Caelor, will present how to create a user-friendly webshop using JSM and Jira Assets. They'll also introduce the app Shoppie by Caelor, which integrates with Jira Assets for intuitive browsing and procurement. The session aims to improve participants' onboarding and procurement experience.

Effectively Manage your Jira Backlog

Tomorrow there's an ACE event organized in Kuala Lumpur. This event offers attendees insights into efficient Jira backlog management. Key topics include task prioritization, importance assessment, and managing a large backlog. Experts from Ricksoft, Appfire, and Adaptavist will be sharing their tips, tricks, and essential apps for mastering the Jira backlog.

📚 Article of the week: Toxic Positivity at Work - Squash It

Now onto the article of the week which is all about toxic positivity. You might think those words don't go together, but you've probably encountered it without realizing it. While positivity is great, there can be a fine line between it and repressing negative emotions. Uncover how it affects your workplace, and discover strategies to foster a healthier, more authentic environment.

Appsvio First ITSM e-book

Appsvio has launched their first e-book on enhancing ITSM strategies for large organizations. The guide provides insights into common ITSM scenarios, practical strategies, real-world flows, and detailed configuration videos. Link in the description.

Colabsoft Open Sourced Libraries

Collabsoft has released their shared libraries for Atlassian Server/DC and Connect apps to the public. Originating from a decade-long framework development, the packages are now available in a single monorepo on GitHub. Primarily tailored for GCP Firebase, the open-source code is under the Apache 2.0 license.