Sign up for research interview about JWM

Atlassian team is currently running a paid research program that you can join.

If you used Jira Work Management in the past month to manage projects or other type of work, Atlassian team would love to talk to you about your experience.
Research interviews take 60 minutes and as a thank you, you'll get a 150$ voucher in return.

So have a look at the post and sign up if you're managing your projects with Jira Work Management.

Multiple identity provider support now available in Cloud Enterprise

After 3 months of Early Access Program, with a group of 17 customers, Atlassian's Cloud Trust team announces the launch of Multiple identity provider feature in Cloud Enterprise.

If you're an enterprise customer, you can now use more than one identity provider at the same time to authenticate users in Atlassian products.

Why would you want to do that?
You can maintain different providers per department to meet data residency requirements for each zone to have a specific identity provider.
Or when acquiring a new company, this lets you quickly embed the team into your setup, without having to immediately change their identity provider accounts to the same your company uses.

If you need this and are on the enterprise plan, give it a try now and let us know what you think.

Introducing Confluence Pages in Jira Work Management

And to continue the news about upgrades to Atlassian products. Jira Work Management is getting new features too.

Now you'll be able to find a "Pages" tab in your Jira Work Management projects. There you can connect existing pages to your projects or create new ones from scratch.

This is great for creating a directory of all important project documents like north start, project statement, goals, meeting notes and so on.

So if you're using Confluence and Jira Work Management go and give it a try. It's definitely going to make your and your team's life easier.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

Exciting news around Atlassian-organized events.

  • New 3-week series of Lightning Talks about the Atlassian Marketplace
  • Upcoming events page on Atlassian main portal
  • New Work Life hybrid event happening on 29th September
  • Popular High Velocity ITSM event returning in December

For now, there's also a couple of partner-organized events this week as well as ACE events, mainly in Nigerian cities and in person.  

Do navigate to Goosly for all your Atlassian related events.

Atlassian Community is creating 1:1 matches with Community Members!

Atlassian user community launched a new interesting initiative.

You can now sign up for 1:1 matches with community members. You'll be matched for 1:1 meeting with someone else in the community and you can share ideas, discuss challenges, and most importantly make friends in the community.

Atlassian leads $6mil seed funding in

Last week, Atlassian announced a successful seed funding round of 6 million dollars in, alongside Zoom Ventures, Maven Ventures, Tuesday Capital, Cardumen Capital and Y Combinator.

Spinach is an exciting product. It integrates with your favorite tools like Zoom, Jira, and Slack to help you automate and run faster StandUps with your team.

Congratulations to Spinach and Atlassian Ventures on this awesome funding partnership.

Our Q4 FY22 letter to shareholders

And now to the article of the week. We have an interesting read today - an Atlassian Q4 letter to shareholders.

Atlassian is reporting Cloud revenue growth in Q4’22 of 55% year-over-year. They are expecting Cloud revenue growth to continue at a healthy pace, at approximately 50% year-over-year for both FY23 and FY24.

Other great news is: Joe Binz will join Atlassian as CFO on September 6, 2022.
Joe brings more than 25 years of finance leadership and experience in the technology industry, previously worked in companies like Microsoft and Intel.

In the letter, Atlassian also explained why and how they're approaching three top target markets - Agile and Devops, Work management, IT Service Management. And also state what's the Atlassian position on the current uncertain environment.

It's definitely worth reading, at least the first part to get onboard with the Atlassian thinking during a potential crisis. In the second part of the letter, you can see details of financial results.