Plug Into Jira Series

If you want to improve your knowledge of Jira Software integration capabilities, then you'll get excited about this news.

Atlassian is introducing the "Plug Into Jira" series, an 8-week program to unlock efficiency and collaboration with Jira Software integrations. Discover best practices, streamline workflows, and enhance teamwork in software development projects.

All this coming soon to the DevOps Community Group so stay tuned for weekly tips, and interactive content, and earn the exclusive Plug into Jira Kudos Badge.

Roadmap is Now Timeline

The  Roadmap view in Jira Cloud is being renamed to Timeline! Starting May 30th, you'll see this change reflected in your project sidebar and on the view itself. But don't worry, the functionality remains the same.

This update aims to provide a more consistent experience across Jira and other Atlassian tools.

Become a Compass Champion Get a LEGO

If you needed an incentive to invite your team to compass now you have the ultimate reason.

Atlassian wants you to become a Compass Champion by onboarding 10 colleagues to your organization's Compass instance. By doing that you'll improve collaboration, reduce knowledge silos, and enhance autonomy within your team.

But that's not all! If you invite 10 colleagues you will receive a LEGO set as a reward.

Research opportunity: JSM Premium

Atlassian is doing remote research sessions to improve Jira Service Management. They're looking for all of you who are upgrading to JSM Premium to understand your experience and your reasons for choosing the Premium version. Even if you're considering an upgrade, your input is so valuable.

You can sign up now and receive a thank-you gift after completing the session. Don't miss this chance to help shape the future of Jira Service Management!

Weekly Events Roundup

This week's Atlassian events feature some notable partner-organized:

  • "Practical Tips for Better IT Service Management using JSM": A live webinar to learn how to optimize service management and delivery for happier teams and customers through organizational collaboration and ITSM tools. This is organized by K15t and happening today.
  • "Atlassian Team ’23 Recap Webinar: Top Takeaways from the Conference": On Wednesday Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, will summarize key updates and takeaways from Atlassian's flagship event, providing insights into the Atlassian tools and their future.

A wealth of community-organized events are also happening this week.

As always, navigate to Goosly for more info on all Atlassian ecosystem events and choose the one for you.

Jodocus - Jira Backup Best Practices

The Jira Backup Best Practices event will take place this Thursday, May 11th. The event is set to provide insights on automated Jira backup and disaster recovery to protect data and minimize data loss risks.

The session, featuring experts Jan and Bartosz, will cover security, compliance, automation, recovery, and a live demo of Backups for Jira Cloud.

Data Residency in Singapore for Apps

Atlassian announced the addition of Singapore as a new data residency region for Connect app. Starting May 4th, a small percentage of customers will have the option to select Singapore as their product region, gradually increasing to 100% by May 31st.

If you're an app developer check out the post because you might need to do a small change in your app. Atlassian is also exploring the possibility of introducing more data residency regions in the future, so stay tuned.

Alex and Rodney Thoughts on Team 23

Catch a discussion between two of our friends in the community Alex from Ape Tech Tutorials and Rodney, The Jira Guy.

In this video, Alex and Rodney share their thoughts on the highlights of the Teams 23 event, focusing on product announcements and their overall experience. They talk about Atlassian Intelligence, a new AI feature designed to help users use Jira more efficiently, and Atlassian Analytics, which helps users easily access metrics. They also discuss Beacon, a security tool that alerts users of suspicious login activity.

Other topics include Product Discovery, Whiteboards, and Databases. Super packed 30 minutes with a wealth of thoughts shared so I recommend watching the two discuss Team 23.

Article of the week: Q3 FY23 Letter to Shareholders

It's the end of the quarter and we all know what that means! Atlassian Q3 FY23 letter to shareholders.

Despite the challenges posed by the macroeconomic environment, Atlassian reorganized its company and made tough decisions to prioritize critical work. The focus is now on executing and seizing growth opportunities, especially in cloud migrations, ITSM, and serving enterprise customers.

In the letter, you can find a highlight of the latest major features and product releases that were introduced on Team'23 in Vegas including Beacon, Confluence Whiteboards, Jira product discovery, and AI assistant.

In the latest news, Atlassian Marketplace, with over 5,300 apps and 1,700 independent companies, has reached an incredible $3 billion in lifetime sales. The success is attributed to the dynamic ecosystem of developers, increased app adoption by enterprise customers, and the overall growth of Atlassian's cloud business.

Atlassian's reputation as a great place to work continues to shine. Atlassian got a mention in Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list for the fifth consecutive year, currently in the 7th place! They were also named among LinkedIn's 50 best workplaces to grow a career in the U.S.

As the company enters the final quarter of the fiscal year, they are focused on assisting customers in navigating challenging times. One example is their virtual AI agent, which has already saved significant time internally. Atlassian aims to extend these benefits to their customers by introducing a new virtual AI teammate soon.