EAP - New Reports in Assets for JSM

Jira Service Management is launching a new early access program for improved asset reporting. This feature lets site admins analyze asset data for smarter decisions and easier reporting. So if you're interested, sign up via the community post!

BYOK for Jira Software

Jira Software now offers BYOK encryption for Enterprise customers, allowing you to use your own keys for enhanced data control and security compliance. This new feature means better data protection and peace of mind. To start using Jira Software BYOK encryption, reach out to your account representative for more details!

Confluence DC Security Advisory

Atlassian released a statement last Monday to warn Confluence Data Center and Server users of a critical security flaw that could lead to data loss. They urge to immediately do a preventative patch although no actual exploits are yet reported. If you're using Confluence on DC or Server have a look at the community article for more details.

Team 24 Call for Speakers

Atlassian is looking for speakers for Team '24! If you would love to share your technical know-how, tips, or use cases make sure to submit your talk! Selected speakers get a free event pass, resources for preparation, and coaching. Application ends on 1 December!

Weekly Events Roundup

  • High Velocity event in Sydney is happening this week on 8 November! It's a hybrid event so if you can make it in person you can register for the on-demand option.

ACE events

  • There are plenty of ITSM ACE events happening across the globe to support the main Atlassian High Velocity event - in Melbourne, Chicago, Michigan, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.
  • And if you're up for some BBQ and DevOps stop by the London ACE event to meet Ed Gaile and learn about Compass!

Partner-organized events

  • On Tuesday there is a Digital Workplace Summit organized by Communardo - an in-person event happening in Frankfurt.  

For information on all events have a look at the Goosly calendar!

On Wednesday you can join a webinar "Navigating the Agile landscape: Insights from Agile today and tomorrow' organized by Eficode and Appfire.

Learn about the current state of Agile: adoption, maturity, and potential, uncover the dark side of Agile, its drawbacks, and how to overcome them. Discuss the future of Agile expansion with our experts Alex Glabman and Nigel Budd.

Elevate Workflows with Trello and JWM

And for the article of the week, there's an interesting piece on the Trello blog!

In the Elevate your workflows with Trello and Jira Work Management, you'll learn about the differences between Trello and JWM but more importantly there are examples!

You can check out a use case where JWM is used to deliver projects and for day-to-day activities and Trello is used for reporting and a high-level part of the projects. You can make use of smart links and customize columns to highlight follow-up items, Resources, Important boards, and so on. And you can use Smart links to show screens from JWM in Trello to eliminate context switching!