New Atlassian Product in Beta - Beacon

Atlassian has announced that its intelligent threat detection engine, Beacon, is now in open beta. Designed with security teams in mind, Beacon monitors Atlassian cloud products for suspicious user activity, including data exfiltration events, unusual user activity, and integration changes.

Beacon beta includes more than 13 user activity detections and is constantly adding new detections and more context to help businesses address them. Atlassian encourages beta testers to share feedback to help shape Beacon's development. Beacon will soon be enrolled in Atlassian's bug bounty program.

New Issue View for Apps in Jira Cloud

Jira Cloud is changing how it displays app information on the issue view. From March 13, 2023, app information will be in expandable and collapsible groups, reducing the number of clicks to update important fields. This change will make the issue view more consistent with the old issue view and Jira Server.

Marketplace partners have six months to adopt this change. No immediate next steps are required unless you're a Marketplace partner. If you have any questions or feedback, let the team know in the comments section of the community post.

5 Tips for Debugging Forge Apps

Debugging code is a core developer skill that is essential to building software or apps. This article provides five useful Forge debugging practices, skills, and tools to help developers with debugging in Forge.

These include using tunneling, checking logs in the Developer Console, utilizing triggers, monitoring production using the Developer Console's app alert email, and accessing production logs. Additionally, the article explains the difference between debugging on Forge and Connect. If you're just getting into Forge this article should be of massive help to you so have a read trough.

The 2023 Community Choice Award

It's time to vote for the 2023 Community's Choice Teams Award! Check out the 14 finalists from companies like GoDaddy, KPMG, Natwest, Squarespace, and more. And submit your vote by March 10th.

The results of Teams Awards will be then announced on Team 23.

Connect Data Residency Customer Rollout

Last week, the Atlassian ecosystem team announced at the developer forum, it would release the customer UI in the admin panel. This will allow self-service app data residency to approximately 1,000 customers for JSW, JSM, or Confluence Cloud.

The new UI will display details regarding realm pinning and realm migration. In case a customer's parent product has data pinned to a region, a new option to "Move apps" to the parent product region will be available from within the data residency tab. Customers can set a window of time to migrate eligible apps.

Atlassian anticipates the full rollout of the customer UI beta by June 2023.

Price Drop - Atlassian Jira Training

Atlassian University has dropped prices for self-paced Jira training courses from $300-$400 to just $39.

In this post, you can find the full list of relevant courses and certifications, including Jira Administration, Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset, and more.
So if you were thinking about Jira certification this might be your sign to start one.

🗓 Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

We have a great set of events this week. Starting with Atlassian organized:

  • A webinar about preparing for the end of server support by moving to the cloud is happening on March 8. Limited-time offers and resources will be discussed.
  • March 8, a LinkedIn webinar called "Leading the Change" will feature Silke Eggert, Head of Lean Portfolio Management & Transformation Digital & IT at Vodafone, discussing agile transformation strategies with Jeff Keyes, Head of Product Marketing for Enterprise Agility at Atlassian.  

Plenty of ACE events this week and to name a few:

  • Tuesday, March 7, in Bremen join an in-person talk on "Do configurations, configurations do", and there will be news from "Atlassian presents Unleash".
  • Wednesday, March 8,  in Bilbao Spain, learn the basics of Figma and include some Atlaskit library from Atlassian.
  • Or join the first-ever Bristol in-person ACE event if you're in the area.

There are plenty of community events happening this week across the globe, navigate to Goosly Atlassian Events Calendar to find one near you.

📚 Article of the week: Using Jira to Catch Them All!

And now to the article of the week - especially for all pokemon fans out there! Rodney posted an article on his Jira Guy Blog about quite a  unique way to incorporate Jira into his mission of "catching them all."

He uses a default Kanban Project to organize his Pokemon collection and visualize what is left to catch, he also found a way to use other Jira features like Epics, Releases, and task tracking. So if you're looking for a fun morning read and like Pokemons definitely have a look at the full article!

Atlassian Partner and Developer News

We look at Partner announcements, major app upgrades, and new app launches. If you want to be featured in our stream, there's a link to submit your updates.

Team 23 Partner Events Board

For all Team 23 attendees, you might be interested to check this Trello board made by Appsvio. It helps you navigate all Partner events happening over the Team 23 week in Las Vegas. Lots of useful links and events, so if you're planning a trip to Vegas in April, do check it out.

How to Prepare for Your Migration

Whether you’re just starting to do research or you’re in the thick of planning, panel of experts from Eficode and Appfire will dive deep into key things to consider to help you prepare for and know what to expect when it comes to migrations.

  • How to assess your current environment and make a plan
  • What options are available to you and their distinct benefits
  • Why and how to get the right stakeholders involved early on
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to maintain a healthy Jira post-migration

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud migrations and how to make yours a smooth and successful one, join on March 7th at 11 am EST and navigate the clouds with confidence!