Updates to Trello Filters

Trello is introducing new board-level card activity filters, enabling you to focus on cards active within the last week, two weeks, four weeks, or cards with no activity in the last four weeks. This feature helps highlight the most important cards. But that's not all - the Card Aging Power-Up will be phased out due to these new filters. The transition starts on 30th May and the Power-Up will be removed from boards by 30th July.

Event - Embrace Agile ITSM

Akshay Anand, Principal Solution Engineer at Atlassian, recently presented on the importance of Agile ITSM at the Service Desk & IT Support Show.

Do watch the full session but to summarize he talks about Agile methods becoming critical in development and organizations, requiring IT service management teams to adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

Agile ITSM, is emphasizing flexible and responsive operations and facilitates swift innovation amid changes. Key components include transparency, frequent inspections, and adaptability. Also, team-centric autonomy coupled with alignment fosters collaboration across projects.

However, the shift to agility may encounter challenges such as need for management support, limitations of traditional solutions, and planning for unplanned work. And he rounds it all up talking about Jira Service Management, designed to integrate agile principles into IT Operations workflows, which can facilitate this transition​. Super interesting presentation to watch in its entirety.

Changes to The Backlog Epic Panel

This August, Atlassian's Jira will introduce a change to the backlog epic panel in company-managed projects. The panel will now use an epic's Issue status category rather than its Epic status. This change improves usability, allowing you to see all relevant epics in one place, even those that are marked as 'Done' in case they have some of their child issues open.

You might want to do a little cleanup in your Jira instance so you're not surprised by a massive list of Done Epics that suddenly appear in the panel. Check out the post with a step-by-step on how to do the cleanup.

Realm Migration for Connect

Atlassian has released a preview of realm migration for Connect apps, enabling the movement of customer data between regions. This feature aids in data residency compliance, as 80% of Atlassian's enterprise cloud customers rate this as extremely important.

Developers are encouraged to integrate the new migration lifecycle endpoints and the data residency migration hook into their descriptors. Current supported regions include EU, US, AU, DE, and Singapore.

EAP - Request Type Templates in JSM

Atlassian is launching an early access program for a new feature in Jira Service Management - Request Type Templates that are aimed to simplify and speed up request type creation by providing a library of customizable templates. You can preview, select, and customize templates based on your needs.

To learn more or join the program, have a look at the community post.

πŸ—“ Weekly Events Roundup

Let's see what's on the menu for events this week.
Atlassian is running 2 webinars.

  • 'Accelerate Software Development with Value Stream Management' webinar tomorrow. Learn about enterprise adoption of this strategy and its results from a recent survey, with a live Q&A session for further insights.
  • 'Building Great Developer Experiences: Culture & Tools' to understand how a positive developer environment enhances team efficiency and customer value. Gain insights from Atlassian's Head of Engineering and developer evangelist.

As for partner events:

  • This Tuesday catch in person the "META-INF Atlassian Day 2023" - A three-day live event in Budapest, Hungary, featuring keynotes, vendor presentations, and workshops on the Atlassian ecosystem.
  • And then "Slice through ITSM Challenges with Jira Service Management and Pizza" - A live webinar by Expium LLC on June 8, 2023, offering an introduction to Jira Service Management, showcasing real-life use cases, and providing free pizza.

Navigate to Goosly Atlassian Events Calendar to learn more about the upcoming events this week.

Jira Email Batching

And other great improvements are coming to Jira's email batching feature. The new feature batches Jira notifications into a single email instead of sending individual emails for each update to help you unclutter your inbox.

The update applies to issues created, updated, assigned, commented on, and transitioned. The new feature is expected to improve the usability of Jira emails by making the notification process more manageable.

πŸ“š Article of the week: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Atlassian highlights the power of teamwork, inspired by the book "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work" by John C. Maxwell. They appreciate the book's exploration of teamwork history, dreaming big, and "10 C's" of successful teams.

Atlassian Partner & Developer News

Jira Day is Back!

Jira Day 2023, Europe's largest Atlassian-related event, is set for Oct 17-18 in Cracow, Poland. Global attendees will explore topics like ITSM, Agile/DevOps, and Cloud through expert-led discussions.

Don't miss this opportunity for collaboration and inspiration in the Atlassian universe.

The Summer Of Atlassian 2

Our buddy, Alex from ApeTech Tutorials, is undertaking a massive feat and organizing the summer of Atlassian 2.0! His Summer of Atlassian 2.0 will deliver over 70 videos across 100 days covering Jira software, Confluence, ITSM, Agile, and project management within Jira. Each week features expert interviews from the Atlassian community.

The series will also feature live streams, product reviews, and recommendations to help make better team budget decisions.

Austin ACE Social Night

Another awesome ACE is happening this week. Attend the Atlassian Community Event at Atlassian's Austin office on June 6, from 6-8 pm. Gain valuable insights from expert presentations by Becky Schwartz on 'Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence', and Lorenzo who will deliver a yet-to-be-disclosed insightful talk.