Bitbucket Dark Theme is Now Live

Bitbucket Data Center has launched a dark theme in its latest version, 8.16.

This new feature, aimed at enhancing user experience, allows for customizable interface colors, focusing on reducing eye strain and increasing concentration. It also offers energy-saving benefits by lowering power consumption and extending battery life.

Users can enable the dark theme via the settings or have it match their device's theme. This update supports organizational compliance goals and accessibility standards. Future updates will include dark theme support for related Atlassian apps and integration into the next Long Term Support release.

Closed Beta of Intelligence in Compass

Atlassian has opened a waitlist for the closed beta of Atlassian Intelligence in Compass, a tool designed to enhance the internal developer experience.

This AI-powered virtual assistant, introduced in April, integrates with Compass to facilitate software development. It helps developers manage complex, decentralized software projects by providing a comprehensive catalog of software components. Compass streamlines building and operating software at scale, boosting engineering organizations' creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Users can sign up for early access to the beta version, promising a more efficient and interconnected development process.

Appfire at Unleash

We start the events rundown with Atlassian's Unleash, the largest agile and DevOps event of the year, which will be held in Amsterdam on December 11-12, 2023, and available on-demand.

This event is sponsored and presented by us at Appfire, and the event is tailored for agile and DevOps professionals, including product and platform teams, leaders, and executives. It features hands-on demos, customer stories, and networking opportunities.

Appfire will showcase our Agile Work Management solution and offer insights into Agile practices at our booth. Some of our key sessions include managing cross-project dependencies in Jira, roundtable discussions on agile beyond engineering, and effective team building for remote teams.

We're also giving away Ray-Ban smart glasses at the booth, so drop by our booth for a chance to win a pair.

🗓 Weekly Events Roundup

A webinar from Atlassian, "Farewell to Server," takes place on December 7 and 8, 2023. The session guides organizations in migrating to Cloud before Server end of support on Feb. 15, 2024.

Led by Atlassian's Cloud Migrations team, it offers insights into migration risks, options, and strategies, utilizing Atlassian's tools. The session includes step-by-step migration guidance and a live Q&A with experts. Registration is open for those preparing for the Cloud transition.

There are also a wealth of partner-organized events and ACE events this week. Navigate to Goosly and check them all in our calendar segment.

Contextual Automation for Confluence

Confluence has enhanced its automation features, making them more discoverable and contextual for users.

The update provides space admins with contextual recommendations, like automating tasks linked to Jira issues, and suggests enabling automation rules for end users. These improvements aim to increase awareness and usage of automation within organizations, boosting productivity.

The new features are now available to all Confluence Premium and Enterprise customers. Confluence is actively seeking feedback from users to refine these updates further.

📚 Article of the week: 3 challenges executives face and how to solve them

A study by Atlassian reveals three main challenges executives face: low productivity, tracking progress against goals, and effective collaboration, especially in a distributed work environment.

The research suggests solutions like prioritizing tasks around top priorities for enhanced productivity, focusing on outcomes over tasks for goal clarity, and fostering intentional connections for better collaboration. These strategies aim to address the complexities of modern, distributed workplaces, where team collaboration and alignment are more critical than the physical location of work.