Dark Theme for Data Center

Data Center is introducing a dark theme feature to improve user experience and usability. This highly anticipated change gives you control over the interface color scheme, aiding focus and reducing distractions. It can also help companies meet compliance goals by promoting accessibility.

To see exact timelines of releases to Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence and Bitbucket follow tickets listed in the community post.

Weekly Events Roundup

Atlassian-organized events:

  • Atlassian Analytics August office hours will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. If you have any questions, or need help with Atlassian analytics you have a unique opportunity to ask Atlassian team directly during the office hours.

ACE events:

  • Virtual event for partners about product roadmapping organized by Atlassian Marketplace and Developer team.
  • On Friday, there is another virtual event about Atlassian Certifications and finally Quiz Wiz part 10 streaming of Friday - Teams Alluva and Boise brings the Noise are going to compete in Atlassian trivia.

Partner Tier Update

As Atlassian Marketplace surpasses $3 billion sales thanks to 1700+ developers/partners. They've announced new tiered changes for marketplace partners. Congratulations to all new partners who moved to the Platinum tier: Colined, Decadis, JXL, Midori, and more! As well as all new partners in the gold and silver tiers!

How Atlassian Puts Customers First

In the SAFe Business Agility Podcast, Natalia Baryshnikova, Atlassian's head of product, discussed the importance of 'customer obsession' in product development.

Key points include the need for all roles, not just support teams, to deliver value and be customer-focused, the significance of value stream management (VSM), insights into Atlassian's product roadmap, and parallels between art and digital transformation. This 45-minute episode also provides valuable insights into prioritizing customer needs.

Automation Report

This report by Appfire and Isos Technology explores the reality of automation in today's businesses, comparing expectations with outcomes. It explores the world of automation, overlooked opportunities, use cases, benefits versus expectations, and differences in perceptions and barriers across business functions.

So if you're Jira Admin, have a look at the report to get more insight into the state of Automation.