EAP - Migration of Archived Issues

Atlassian announces the launch of its Early Access Program for seamless migration of archived issues from Jira Server to Cloud.

The initiative allows users to migrate archived issues using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, preserving their archived status. Features include migrating comments, attachments, and change logs, while certain components like linked issues and global permissions won't be migrated during EAP.

Atlassian Cloud Premium subscribers can exclusively archive issues on the cloud. Atlassian is seeking participants for feedback on this EAP.

Inserting Jira Issues into Confluence

Confluence has introduced a new feature that makes it simpler to insert Jira issues into Confluence pages.

There are improved JQL suggestions with syntax and error highlighting, drag-and-drop re-ordering of fields, a more modern look, infinite scrolling, quick previews on hover over Jira issues, and basic keyword search. You can easily add Jira issues to your confluence page by typing /jira in the editor.

Beta - AI in Confluence Automation

Atlassian introduces AI in Confluence Automation, enhancing the automation rule builder. Avinoam from Automation for Confluence reveals that users can now craft automation rules by simply describing their requirements, letting Atlassian Intelligence create the rule.

To activate, users visit admin.atlassian.com and enable Atlassian Intelligence. Once activated, users can input desired rules and let the AI configure them. Although AI covers most components, it doesn't support actions like "Incoming webhook trigger" or "Create variable action". Feedback on this beta feature is actively sought by the team.

New Content Editor in Atlassian Analytics

Starting October 30th, the new "Content editor" will be available in Atlassian Analytics, providing a better experience for dashboard editing. This editor will be familiar to those who are using other Atlassian products like Jira Software.

It offers advanced styling options, including status highlights, Smart Links, and many other features like text formatting, code snippets, dividers, and emojis. Existing content will require migration, so if you're using Atlassian Analytics have a look at the post to get ready.

🗓 Weekly Events Roundup

It's High Velocity Week this week. Attend the anticipated event in Sydney on 1st November or access on-demand from 8th November. Dive into digital service advancements with leaders from Domino’s, the NRMA, and Breville. Enhance agile service experiences, explore demos, and engage in hands-on labs. Venue: Sydney Showground Dome. Post-event, join local Atlassian Community Events throughout November.

This week there are also a couple of interesting partner events.

  • Tomorrow dive into operational excellence via Jira Service Management & Opsgenie integration in this webinar by Herzum, Inc. A must for system managers and operational heads to revamp team collaboration and response.
  • Then on Thursday attend EMPOWER the itSMF Finland annual conference. Avoset & Atlassian present the EMPOWER conference in Helsinki, spotlighting service management's future. Uncover the latest service management trends and topics at Hotelli Presidentti.

A few good ACE events this week as well and to name a few.

  • Today you can attend a virtual event organized by ACE Reston, US. Prep for the Atlassian Certified Professional - Cloud Security (ACP-120) exam with insights into key focus areas and success tips.
  • On the 2nd of November, there's an in-person ACE in San Francisco, US. Dive deep into how giants like LinkedIn use Jira. Learn about Compass and Jira Product Discovery with Atlassian experts. Plus, raffles, networking & food!

📚 Article of the week: 16 Productivity Quotes to Inspire

16 Productivity Quotes to Inspire:

"If I didn’t fill my schedule with things I felt were important, other people would fill my schedule with things they felt were important".

"If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving isn’t for you".

“Perfect” is the enemy of “good enough.”