Beta - AI Agent for JSM

Jira Service Management has launched an open beta for its AI virtual agent. The virtual agent helps in handling repetitive queries, freeing up the team's time for critical tasks.

This new feature is Powered by Atlassian Intelligence and offers automated chat support on Slack (and soon also on Microsoft Teams) using advanced AI that understands intent, sentiment, and context and also pulls information directly from your knowledge base for quick answers. This means it can provide personalized assistance and learn from each interaction.

It's currently available on Slack to all Jira Service Management Cloud Premium and Enterprise customers. So give it a try!

Quick Search Improvements

If you're using Jira Cloud you can now filter issues by "last updated" in the quick search. This change allows you to find relevant issues faster by showing ones recently modified, like status updates, new comments, or field changes allowing you to filter directly from the quick search without navigating to the advanced search.

Plus, if you've used this feature in Confluence, you'll appreciate its consistency now in Jira as well.

New Admin Feature - Test Policy

Atlassian made improvements to the external user security feature to help manage security for external collaborators. And based on your feedback they now introduced a "test policy" that allows you to try out security settings with up to 5 external users before applying them widely. This means safer collaboration and peace of mind, as you can ensure everything works well before a full rollout.

πŸ—“ Weekly Events Roundup

Partner-organized events:

  • AI Revolution Networking Event on Tuesday. SVA collaborates with Atlassian for a networking event in KΓΆln. Dive deep into the AI revolution and explore Atlassian's advancements in AI. A chance to interact with AI experts and innovators.
  • Atlassian Cloud Migration Risks on Wednesday. Cprime's webinar on the urgency of migrating to Atlassian Cloud before the Server's end-of-life. Senior Director, Pavel Fomin, to discuss migration planning, potential risks of delays, and the importance of acting before Feb 15, 2024.

ACE events:

  • JSM for Non-Technical Teams, a virtual event in Campinas, Brazil. Explore Jira Service Management (JSM) benefits for non-tech teams. Understand organizing non-bureaucratic processes within Jira.
  • Building Unbreakable Teams & Seamless Cloud Migration on Wednesday in Oslo event focused on elevating team performance and ensuring smooth cloud transition. Experience where innovation meets collaboration.

Atlassian AI Community

Another quick mention, not an event but newsworthy for sure. Given AI is becoming a major focal point for Atlassian products, discussions in the ecosystem will continue to happen around AI trends and needs.

So we want to highlight this community on LinkedIn created by Riley from The Atlassian AI Community is a user-driven platform discussing the blend of Atlassian tools and AI. Unofficial yet passionate, members share insights, innovations, and best practices on enhancing workflows and productivity through AI-powered Atlassian solutions.

Join the community to explore AI's potential in the Atlassian realm.

πŸ“š Article of the week: Media Literacy - a Survival Skill

In this week's article, we'll have a closer look at Media literacy, much much-needed skill in today's world - Media literacy helps evaluate the overflow of data, acting as a guide in today's confusing landscape of media.

More than often you see how even scientific findings can be mispresented in media, either accidentally or purposefully to create clickbait headlines. So it's essential to be cautious of the potential for bias and inaccuracy in those secondary sources. Always cross-check information and understand that no source is entirely unbiased. Knowing the basics of primary research, like the difference between correlation and causation, can help as well as understanding different study types.

So have a look at the article Β - definitely a must-read and it's really useful.

codefortynine Achieved SOC 2 Type II

Now for some news from partners and starting with codefortynine.
The company has successfully obtained the SOC 2 Type II certification, reinforcing their dedication to data security in the Atlassian Marketplace. Enhancements include multi-factor authentication and advanced network protection.

This achievement boosts their market trust and sets a foundation for future security certifications. It's also a statement of where the marketplace ecosystem is heading security and compliance-wise and truly encouraging seeing a vendor like codefortynine have such a significant security compliance achievement. It shows it can be done by smaller teams as well.

Webinar - Someone Broke my Jira Project

An interesting webinar by Salto and Rachel Wright, called 'Someone Broke my Jira Project'.

Delve into the pitfalls of making Jira configuration changes in production. Learn about risky Jira changes, effective management strategies, and practical tips from experts Rachel Wright and Lior Neudorfer. Aimed at minimizing Jira emergencies and ensuring smooth operations. Includes a Q&A session.