Sentry App for Compass

The Compass product team has announced the availability of a Sentry integration. The Sentry app allows users to send alerts and error notifications to Compass for easy viewing on the Compass activity feed. Additionally, it offers an "Unresolved Sentry Issues" metric to help identify components needing attention.

The team anticipates future enhancements, including a dedicated Sentry row on the activity feed.

Enterprise Examiner

The enterprise examiner newsletters are being relaunched. This series is designed to help your company's champions empower teams with more knowledge on the functionality at their disposal.

This week Atlassian are discussing advanced roadmaps. The article walks us through why you may want to use roadmaps and great resources on how to get started with Advanced roadmaps.

Code Campfire

Atlassian is launching a new content series, Code Campfire, to spotlight developers who build Atlassian apps. Developers are invited to share their stories and experiences, from ideation to challenges and inspirations, on the Atlassian Developer Blog.

The invitation is open to all who have created an Atlassian app, irrespective of their software development experience.

Atlassian & Accenture Podcast

Atlassian and Accenture are once again teaming up, but this time to bring us some insights into one of the toughest challenges for any enterprise company.
How do start and mature the companies agility?

This week we get to hear from Wendy Zacchio from Zellis. Some of the key learnings you can learn about are, how to get the buy-in from other executives, challenges discovered while integrating and modernizing acquisitions as well as top tips on how to adopt, champion, and sustain a long-lasting agile journey.

Weekly Events Roundup

No Atlassian-organized webinars this week but we do have one by Herzum.

The team is hosting a live event on July 6, 2023, focusing on service management optimization within organizations. Key topics include avoiding rising ITSM solution costs, preventing collaboration issues among business, development, and operations teams, and streamlining the incorporation of new teams and services. The event highlights the use of Jira Service Management and will take place at the NH Collection Medellin Royal Hotel.

We also have a bunch of ACE events this week:

  • Tomorrow there's an ACE Event in Rotterdam: Apetech will celebrate the 'Summer of Jira' initiative with a social gathering and talk about the 72 Atlassian-related videos release.
  • Then on Thursday in Sofia, MBition shares insights on Atlassian tools usage in building software for the new generation of Mercedes cars.
  • And on Friday there's another round of the popular ACE Quiz you don't want to miss watching.

But that's about it for events, catch them all over on the Goosly calendar.

Article of the week: Why Point A is Vital for Atlassian

Discover why Point A, Atlassian's central hub for collaboration and communication, is vital for their success in an article written by Dan Tombs, our starring co-host at Monday Coffee this week.

The article highlights two crucial points: Firstly, Point A brings teams together by integrating various tools and applications, fostering seamless collaboration. Secondly, it centralizes information and provides a unified view of work, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Point A has given us some incredible success stories: Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, Atlas, Compass, and more. How exactly Point A is extending Atlassian's presence -  Check out the article and don't miss out on the valuable insights.