Jira Work Management Across Projects

New overviews feature is coming to Jira Work Management on Jira Premium! Soon, you'll be able to see all your projects at a glance. The overview feature will make it easier than ever to manage and track progress across projects without wasting time on constant context switching.

Automation for Jira: Manual Triggers

Jira Cloud automation rules are getting an update. Manual automation rules, which allow users to trigger actions themselves, are moving to the Actions menu next to Status.

By default, anyone with access to issues can trigger manual rules, but you can setup permission to restrict access.

BYOK Encryption for Cloud

The early access program for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption is launching soon! With BYOK encryption, you can encrypt your Jira Issue data using encryption keys generated and hosted in your AWS account via the AWS Key Management Service.

This feature adds an extra layer of protection for sensitive data and increases control over access to encryption keys.
The EAP is by invite-only, so reach out to your account representative if you're interested.

Virtual ACE across Canada - Apr 6th

Get hyped before Team 23 by joining Old Street Solutions and Adaptavist during their  Canada visit! Join a virtual event and learn about using Scriptrunner and Custom Charts together. You will meet the teams and find out what it is like to have amazing, next-level reporting in Jira without needing a PHD in Computer Science!

Register now for this exclusive Virtual event just for Quebec, Vancouver, Oshawa, and Winnipeg!

ACE Montreal - Apr 12th

Have you ever wanted to get the absolute most out of your reporting? Have you always wondered how you can do it “harder, better, faster, stronger!?”

Before they descend onto Vegas and Atlassian’s Team 23, the team from Custom Charts are in town and will be coming to tell us all about how to achieve more with our Jira Data reporting, in both our Jira Dashboards and our Confluence Pages.

ACE Toronto - Apr 13th

In this exclusive Marketplace-oriented event, join some of the most famous App vendors the Atlassian ecosystem has to offer in this mini ‘summit’ the week before they head out to Vegas for Team 23!

Article of the week: Conflict Resolution at Work

Conflicts are inevitable in the workplace, but not all conflict is bad. In fact, healthy conflict can improve the value of ideas, expose risks, and enhance trust among participants.

Establishing healthy habits for your team, cultivating a culture of psychological safety, and practicing effective communication can prevent conflicts from boiling over and getting personal.

So if you would like more tips on how to better handle conflicts at work have a look at the article.