Meet us at DevDay: The Meetup

Atlassian is hosting DevDay: The Meetup, a free 90-minute webinar on June 28, 2023. This event offers a learning platform for developers worldwide to interact with Atlassian experts and partners.

Participants will gain insights into Atlassian's ecosystem roadmap, cloud app product strategy, and Forge app development patterns. Keynote speaker Keran McKenzie, Head of Atlassian Ecosystem, will discuss Atlassian's transformation.

Attendees can also participate in technical workshops led by Atlassian engineers and developer advocates, as well as network with peers through a dedicated Slack workspace​.

Update Emails from Atlassian Automation

And now to the updates related to Atlassian Automation.

Starting May 29, 2023, emails from Atlassian Cloud automation will be sent from automation@[sitename] This change affects failed rule notifications and emails from Send email action. If you're filtering your inbox based on this email, you should update your filters using no-reply @ to the new email address.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, you can leave them in the comments of the community post.

Forge Roadmap Webinar Recap: Q1 2023

If you missed the quarterly Forge roadmap webinar fear not! Atlassian just published this recap post.

In the Q1 2023 Forge Roadmap webinar, the Ecosystem Platform team highlighted the progress on Forge for Bitbucket, complex queries, and custom entities. Improvements to the Forge runtime are upcoming, along with unlicensed user access to Forge apps on the JSM portal and Jira extensibility updates.

Despite changes to developer platform priorities due to macroeconomic conditions, several initiatives like the new Forge runtime and multi-user app ownership will continue. However, certain projects like Forge Mobile will be paused.

Head over to the post to read the whole recap.

Cloud Organization Admin Certification

Atlassian University introduces the Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin certification. And update your skills in managing users and groups with a discounted exam price and a free Exam Success course.

Visit Atlassian University and check out this new course!

🗓 Weekly Events Roundup

Atlassian weekly events round kicks off with Atlassian-organized events.

  • The upcoming Atlassian DevOps Talks on May 31 and June 1, 2023, will focus on feature flags in software development. Experts from Harness, LaunchDarkly, Split, and Statsig will discuss their use, management, and impacts, as well as the build vs. buy debate and future prospects. The aim is to highlight how feature flags can reduce risk, accelerate processes, and foster experimentation in development​.

There's also a couple of great partner-organized webinars happening this week.

  • Mejora la gestión de cambios con Jira Service Management (May 31, 2023) This online webinar by Herzum, Inc. will focus on enhancing change management using Jira Service Management, covering topics such as setting up workflows, role definition, ITSM tool integration, and report generation.
  • Unlocking Automation: The Future of ITSM at Your Organization (June 1, 2023) Hosted by Isos Technology, this webinar will explore the application of automation in business workflows and processes. It will offer insights on using ITSM tools for improving workflow efficiency and will highlight results from the 2023 "Automation in Action" survey.

In the awesome world of community-organized events:

  • "Jira Backup Best Practices", a virtual event in Baltimore. Learn strategies for reliable data protection in Jira.
  • "Let's Reconnect: Reuniting the North Jersey Atlassian Community!" this Thursday join a virtual event in New Jersey: A collaborative meetup for Atlassian users to share ideas, network, and discuss future meetups and Atlassian Team 23 updates.

Navigate to Goosly Atlassian Events Calendar to learn all about the upcoming events this week.

📚 Article of the week: Combating Task Loneliness

Learn how one software engineering team at Atlassian overcame task loneliness by implementing something the call the Uber Stream.

Task loneliness is especially common in smaller teams when team members feel isolated and unsupported in their work. To combat this, they introduced the Uber Stream - basically restructured the team, updated communication rituals, and implemented something called a vibe check ritual.

It's a really interesting talk, especially useful if you're working in a small team and are wondering how to boost your team's morale.