Twelve Hours of Trello... A Trellothon if you will!

A new fundraising challenge is happening in the Atlassian Community. This time organized by Brittany from How I Trello!

Brittany is starting a 12-hour live stream all about Trello to raise funds for the ExtraLife.

If you're wondering if Brittany can really talk for 12 hours about Trello, you can check out the event schedule. It's full of interesting topics like Trello Automation, Powerups, and workflows. But also you can meet starring guests from Atlassian and Trello community, including Jimmy Seddon and Rodney the Jira Guy!

You can register for the event to get notified when it starts.

Brittany is going to donate 1$ for every registration. And if she reaches 500 registrations, she'll design her long-awaited Trello tattoo!

So head to the event page and sign up!

Data residency realm migration for Connect apps: EAP

Some time ago, Atlassian team released the first part of data residency capability for marketplace apps. This was the mechanism to enable developers to store new customer data in the data center of their choice.

Last week, Atlassian announced the second and final component in the residency capability for apps: migrating existing app customers from a data center to another. They announced the launch of the Early Access Program with production availability targeted for the first half of 2023.

This will work is through a set of APIs. You will receive notifications when a customer is migrating their Atlassian data to a different country. And you'll have 24 hours to confirm you migrated the customer data as per requested. Seems like users will have a view where they can see all apps that are eligible for migration.

So if you've been putting off creating a migration mechanism for your apps and waiting for news from Atlassian, this is your cue to start planning and implementing.

Read the full post to know what to expect.

Non-admin users can now import components from Compass apps!

And now to the quick Compass product update!

You can now import components to Compass even without having admin role access.

In the post, they say that everyone can now click on the import component button in Compass to automatically import components from Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, and New Relic.

Codegeist 2022 Hackathon Winners

Codegeist, the annual Atlassian hackathon, has ended not long ago. Last week they announced the winners!

The number of developers that participated and the quantity of submissions is quite impressive. The judging panel did not have an easy task this year for sure.

It is great to see familiar faces amongst the winners:

  • The team at Appsvio winning the third year in a row 🎉
  • Lukas from Meetical snatching a prize after his big win back in 2020 🎉

It is also quite awesome to have so many new independent developers win big.

  • The winner of the IT Category is Akshay with his Reflexx tool 👏

Congrats to all the winners and participants. Is always great to see an influx of quality useful apps hit the market after an event like this!

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

We start the week with partner-organized events:

  • On Wednesday, join a webinar from SoftComply talking about the need for validation in Confluence
  • Followed by Expium with a webinar about what Jira Align is on Thursday

On the ACE events side, we got an action-packed week with many remote events, meaning you can attend from other locations too.

Some notable mentions:

  • Jira Product Discovery virtual get-together from the Kuala Lumpur community
  • An in-person meetup for Jira or Confluence admins in New York on Wednesday
  • A virtual event dedicated to Forge on Friday.

Loads more to discover and explore...

Make sure you navigate to Goosly calendar to see the forthcoming events from all over the ecosystem!

Teamistry: The Dream of Supersonic Flight

And now to the article of the week. This time, we picked the Atlassian Teamistry podcast.

On the 21st of November, the first episode of the new season was released.

It covers the history of supersonic flights and teams behind Concord. The whole season will be dedicated to supersonic flights to give you a deep understanding of this topic.

The Teamistry podcast is so well produced and this season is worth listening to.