Code Campfire Series - Episode 2

Code Campfire Series is back with episode 2. "Code Campfire" is a series spotlighting developer journeys. This episode features Nar Kumar, once a Pune University business student, who transitioned into a prominent Atlassian Marketplace app developer.

Initially inspired by a travel website idea, Nar's software passion led him to identify and address functionality gaps in Atlassian's Confluence. Despite initial setbacks, Nar's persistence resulted in 12 apps on the Marketplace, including the popular "Issue Templates for Jira". Nar emphasizes the significance of marketing and credits the Marketplace for his entrepreneurial success.

If you're a new developer or marketplace vendor, we recommend reading it for some inspiration and motivation.

EAP - Priorities per Project in Jira

Atlassian is introducing the ability for admins to set unique priority schemes for different projects in Jira, making managing projects even more flexible. With this fetaure admins can customize, edit, or delete priority schemes and control them in Jira settings.

If you're Jira Admin don't miss the opportunity to be among the first ones to try. You can join EAP in the community post.

Jira Smart Chips in Google Docs

Atlassian partnered with Google Workspace to bring you Jira Smart Chips in Google Docs. Instead of seeing long URLs when you paste a Jira link into Docs, you'll now see a summary with the issue name, number, status, priority, and more. It’s like the Smart Links feature, but tailored for Google Docs.

This makes referencing Jira issues in Google Docs seamless and helps users stay focused without switching tools. To start, simply install the Atlassian Smart Chip add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Surface Assets in Confluence Cloud

And there is another early access program (EAP) you can join! This one is focusing on inserting your Assets for Jira Service Management right into Confluence Cloud. With this feature, managing and viewing your Assets objects becomes much easier, as you can present them as tables in Confluence. This is really handy for tracking and analysis of assets.

If you're Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise customer you're are invited to test this feature, sign up now via community post!

Jocodus Webinar: Streamline Incident Resolution

Before we get into this week's events I want to highlight this webinar from our friends at Jodocus. In this free live webinar focused on enhancing Customer Service Management, experts Jan from Jodocus and Charlotte from Elements will delve into the use of Atlassian Jira Cloud for efficient support and workflow processes. They'll highlight its importance in building strong customer relationships and boosting satisfaction. Is happening this Wednesday at 10Am BST. Don't miss out.

πŸ—“ Weekly Events Roundup

  • Atlassian is running a webinar in Japanese this Wednesday. The webinar focuses on the features and applications of Jira Work Management, highlighting its optimization for business sector workflow efficiency and visibility. It will discuss specific utilization cases, especially within marketing teams, workflow customization, and upcoming features.

As for partner-organized events, a couple of notable mentions this week:

  • Coffee and Tea Virtual Experience and Atlassian Q&A Session on August 30th. Join Moser Consulting for a unique virtual event on mastering coffee and tea. Learn about Jira and Atlassian while sipping on expertly brewed beverages. First 35 sign-ups receive a special coffee and tea essentials box.
  • Webinar: Agile onboarding with JSM on Thursday Computas presents a live webinar on agile onboarding with Jira Service Management. Discover how to customize the onboarding process to individual needs and ensure tasks are executed efficiently.

Moving on to the last segment of ACE events:

  • Fireside Chat with Justine Davis - Phoenix on Wednesday Join Justine Davis, VP of Product Marketing at Atlassian, for an insightful evening with the Phoenix ACE group. Expect candid discussions based on community questions, all complemented by a BBQ from Robert Wen.
  • Platform Engineering - Sydney Meetup (Aug 31, Sydney) Sydney's debut Platform Engineering meetup awaits at Atlassian's office. Ideal for software tool providers and those keen on enhancing developer experience. Features two speakers, networking, pizza, and drinks.

Config Management for Dev Environment

Right so I really recommend this article from Ian Buchanan. He rebuilds one of his development environments every month, a practice he adopted a decade ago. This process allows him to sharpen his configuration management skills, ensuring consistency and resilience across his multiple development machines.
Ian's guide should help users transition smoothly to Forge so go check it out.

πŸ“š Article of the week: How to Excel at Async Communication

And now to the article of the week from Atlassian blog: a deep dive into asynchronous communication for distributed teams.

When you think about it more distance isn't the real challenge, it's the outdated face-to-face practices we are stuck with. So it's just about time we reevaluate our meeting norms, like for example the overused Zoom calls that 76% of us find distracting anyways. Consider this: brainstorming might just be more inclusive and effective asynchronously. However, don't ditch face-to-face entirely; it's key for building trust.

So check the article for tools, tips, and tricks to navigate this digital era of asynchronous team communication.