EAP - Portfolio Analyzer

Atlassian's Migration team launched an Early Access Program for the Portfolio Analyzer tool.

The portfolio analyzer lets you visually track and analyze your server and data center setups, including Jira and Confluence instances, projects, spaces, and their relationships. You can then easily see relationships between Atlassian products, summarize key information, and use filters to find specific items or dependencies.

It also allows you to estimate migration times and export project or space keys for migration. The team would love to hear your feedback, so if you're interested, sign up for the early access program.

Codegeist Winners Announced

Atlassian's Codegeist Unleashed 2023, a global hackathon focusing on Forge and AI application, had 1700+ participants from over 80 countries. Winners across categories like Developer Experience, Collaboration, and Data-Driven Insights were announced!

The event showcased innovative AI apps enhancing user experience and collaboration in the Atlassian products. Winners are encouraged to list their apps on Atlassian's Marketplace, with support in marketing and strategy planning. So we should see a few interesting AI apps appear in the Marketplace soon!

Weekly Events Roundup

Partner-organized events:

  • On Tuesday there is an interesting online webinar organized by Adaptavist called "Things I wish I knew before changing ITSM solution."
  • There is also an in-person event, Cloud Connect, organized by Alluvium, bringing together Atlassian Partners, customers, and industry experts to talk about Cloud migrations, AI and ITSM, and more.

ACE events:

  • There are a few ITSM High Velocity events - in Madrid and Oslo.
  • If you want to test your Atlassian skills, check out the Quiz Wizz round 18, Slytherin VS Pink Panther, which is happening today.
  • And you can finish off your week with an online community event with Rodney Nissen as a special guest. Rodney will take you through his Jira Day talk, "Help I’m Drowning in Tickets?"

Many more events are happening this week, so check out the Goosly calendar for a full schedule.

GPU Rendering Shapes in Whiteboards

Atlassian's Confluence whiteboards team experienced challenges in rendering shapes and connectors smoothly.

The team developed a custom WebGL graphics pipeline, allowing for fluid 60+ FPS performance even on large boards. Their approach involved using the GPU to display triangles, which is crucial for efficient rendering. The team is committed to not compromising on quality, leading to an innovative solution, and prioritizing performance and user experience.

If you're an engineer or use whiteboards and are interested in how the product is built, this article is great to read!