JiraCon 2022 - discount code

If you're a Jira fan and would like to know how to do more with Jira, you don't want to miss the JiraCon 2022 event!

It's an online event full of talks from many Jira experts organized by Trundl.

We're so happy to be sponsoring the event, don't forget to grab your ticket. There is an early bird ticket still on sale for 29$ and we also have a 10$ discount code ready for you with promo code: JEXO10.

Multiple Products Security Advisory -
CVE-2022-26136, CVE-2022-26137

Last week Atlassian published a security advisory for multiple  products. They found this vulnerability when an unauthenticated user could bypass the Servlet Filter, the code that intercepts requests before sent to the server. The issue could lead to Authentication bypass and Cross-Site Scripting, a pretty critical issue to fix.
And that's exactly what Atlassian did, the vulnerability is present on a variety of products listed on the advisory. And Atlassian released new versions for each of them to patch the issue. For Cloud products, the fixes have been already applied, so no action needed on your end.

But if you use a server or DC variant of Bamboo, Bitbucket, Confluence, Crowd, Fisheye, Jira and JSM, do take a look at the affected and fixed versions listed, so you can patch to recommended versions ASAP. Also there is no real workaround so you will need to upgrade your version. Read more about it on the linked post.

🎉 July 2022 – Marketplace Partner Program Tier Membership Update

Every 6 months, the Atlassian team reviews all marketplace vendors to validate security and revenue requirements to become part of the Marketplace Partner Program.

Apart from status, this program provides a list of benefits like budget for Atlassian products and a dedicated account manager for higher membership tiers.
There are 3 tiers, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

We, at Jexo, are happy to announce that we moved from Silver to Gold Partner! Now, our security, reliability and service standards are at the highest levels.
We also service a lot more customers now, with more than 3000 companies using our awesome work management apps.

Congratulations to all the other partners that made it into the program or moved to higher tiers. The list is in this post with the ones new or upgraded in bold.

Bitbucket Cloud Enterprise - Roadmap 2022

Atlassian announced a roadmap for Bitbucket Cloud Enterprise last week on their blog. It covers everything Bitbucket team was working on this year and plans to release.

They're focusing on 4 key areas - Management at scale, performance, security and compliance, and extendability.

Under management at scale, you can find improvements like migration tools, new project settings and permissions, and improved user management.

On the performance side, you can notice significant improvements when rendering large difs, faster response time, improving uptime SLAs, and giving back credits if 99.9% uptime is breached.

And on the security and compliance, you find improvements to audit logs, new data residency options, and, most importantly, full encryption of your data.

If you're an enterprise company using Bitbucket, give this article a read - you'll be pleased by many improvements you'll see there.

Appy Hours

On the last Thursday of every month, Atlassian hosts Appy Hours for Marketplace partners.

Four Marketplace partners compete for the title of the Best App Demo by giving a five minute presentation to fellow app presenters and Atlassian customers.

At the end of all the presentations, attendees vote for their favorite demo that wins the title of Best App Demo for that month.

For partners, it is a great opportunity to promote their apps and services, as well as showcase new features of their apps.

For customers, it's a way to meet new cloud app vendors and discover apps that might fit their use case. As well as learn more about functionality of those apps.

All presenters will receive an exclusive Appy Hours badge for their time presenting. The winner will receive a certificate for Best App Demo!
Atlassian is also having some swag coming. Check it out and participate!

Branding 101 for Marketplace Partners: Learn how to create winning customer experiences

And now to the article of the week. This time it's an article from the Atlassian Developer blog talking about how to create and grow your own brand on budget.

As many of us, vendors, struggle with marketing and branding, you can learn the key principles you need to follow, when creating a brand. This article is also great for anyone who's interested in creating their own personal brand.

One of the most important things when it comes to branding is consistency. Making sure you use the same brand elements, fonts but also tone of language and key messaging across all your platforms. This all makes up for the complete brand experience.

You can also find examples of vendors from the ecosystem, such as Jexo, Appfire and Adaptavist, and what makes their brand stand out.