EAP: Flexible naming of epics

Jira Software is introducing a new feature: "flexible naming of epics."

This will allow users to customize the terminology for epics, making it more relevant to their work style and ensuring compatibility with frameworks like SAFe. As "Parent field" replaces the current "Epic link" and "Parent link" fields for a unified experience in all projects.

You can sign up for early access to the Beta version, which will let them test the new Parent field before the official release.

View and edit Confluence pages from Jira issues

A new feature is coming to Jira and Confluence integration allowing you to view and edit Confluence pages directly within Jira issues.

Instead of switching to a separate Confluence tab, users can now access Confluence pages in a pop-up modal within Jira, reducing distractions and improving efficiency.

List Mode in Advanced Roadmaps

Jira Premium is launching a new feature: "List Mode in Advanced Roadmaps." The Atlassian team found out that users have often collapsed the timeline to see the data better.

The new list mode eliminates the need for such workarounds. By toggling the "List" next to "View settings", you can view a non-timeline version of your plan, adding more columns and details. If you have any feedback share it in the comments!

Mitigating hacks and outages

Join GitProtect's special webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 10:00 AM CEST and learn more about mitigating hacks and outages and building cyber resilience for your DevOps data.

You will learn about the most common GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Jira data loss scenarios, how to set your backup policy to eliminate data loss, how Disaster Recovery guarantees your business and development continuity, as well as RTO & RPO and the importance of those metrics.

🗓 Weekly Events Roundup

We start this week's events with an Atlassian webinar on Wednesday. The event targets non-technical departments and focuses on how Atlassian's non-technical teams practice distributed work using tools like Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, and Confluence. The session will introduce specific utilization methods and address common challenges in implementing distributed teamwork.

Partner-organized events:

  • On Tuesday iDalko France delves into the evolution of ITSM, highlighting its merger with "Enterprise Service Management" (ESM) to optimize service structures. Aimed at enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficacy.
  • Same day GitProtect hosts a session on building cyber resilience for DevOps data. Delve into data loss scenarios in GitHub, GitLab, etc., backup strategies, disaster recovery, and vital metrics. Learn to safeguard your projects & source code.🛡️

ACE events:

  • On the 27th join the ACE virtual event in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Delve deeper into Jira Software from a user perspective. Explore its functionalities in this Spanish-language virtual event.
  • And a day later another virtual event in San Francisco. Team Poster - Get your team on the same page: Dive into the Team Poster Play! Learn strategies to align your team's goals and hear stories about facilitating this productive exercise.

📚 Article of the week: Responsible AI: Building Trustworthy AI Apps

The article highlights the significance of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the annual Codegeist Unleashed hackathon.

While AI presents promising opportunities, it's crucial to employ it responsibly to prevent any adverse effects on users. It dives into the principles for Responsible AI like transparency, trust, and human-centricity. Experimentation is vital in building responsible AI.

Codegeist Unleashed offers a platform for developers to showcase their AI applications with submissions open until October 24th.