New Space Navigation in Confluence

Confluence is updating its space navigation to enhance user experience. The changes address previous complaints about cluttered navigation, making it simpler and more organized.

Key improvements include a new "All content" tab for easier content discovery, expandable sections for quick access to desired content, enhanced tooltips for better accessibility, and a modernized appearance. An Early Access Program opens in mid-August and you can sign up via link in the community post.

Jira Work Management Premium

Jira Work Management introduces a new Premium tier to aid large-scale project management.

The Premium features include overviews to combine multiple projects, provide team insights, and plan for dependencies, and 1,000 global automation rules per user per month to increase efficiency. It also offers improved control with admin insights, project archiving, unlimited storage, and upcoming feature enablement control.

Soon, it will add an approval process to workflows for better quality control. Users of Atlassian Cloud Premium or Atlassian Together will be automatically upgraded to Jira Work Management Premium.

Weekly Events Roundup

Partner-organized events:

  • Webinar on Wednesday called "From Chaos to Control: Modernizing Incident Resolution and Change Management with JSM and DevOps" rganized by Contegix. In this webinar you'll get an insight into automating key processes and using Jira Service Management as a central place for incident management and change control.

There is also plenty of ACE events:

  • On Tuesday -  Mark Cruth is visiting West Palm Beach Florida!
    Join this in person event with Mark to play interactive golf and talk about Team Shaping and play the Atlassian All-Start Jeopardy and enjoy Italian food!
  • There is also a hybrid event - BBQ and DevOps.
    Where Ed Gaile from Appfire will be diving into Atlassian’s Open DevOps, Devops automations, Agile, Best practices, tips, tricks. And of course BBQ will be served.

Find all upcoming Atlassian events and ACE meetups at 👉 Events Calendar

Webinar JSM for Software Dev Teams

Atlassian is organizing a webinar on July 26th, focusing on how Jira Service Management can enhance collaboration between development and IT operations teams. The webinar will highlight features such as improved work intake, enhanced incident response, automatic deployment tracking, and team collaboration.

Article of the week: Humour at Work

Once upon a time, in a bustling office, the air was filled with tension. Work was a serious business. Then came along a revelation from the world of research: humor could be the secret ingredient to turn this office into a thriving, joyful place.

Studies suggested that those who sprinkled humor into their workdays not only appeared more confident and competent, but they also fostered a spirit of fellowship and improved job satisfaction. Encouraged by these findings, workers began embracing humor, even if they weren't natural comedians. Just appreciating a good joke started to make a difference.

But as with any powerful tool, humor needed to be wielded with care. It was discovered that positive humor styles, such as affiliative and self-enhancing humor, built strong relationships, while aggressive and self-defeating jokes did quite the opposite.

Armed with this knowledge, the office inhabitants started employing humor judiciously, minding their cultural differences and ensuring the right context. They found that humor wasn't a one-size-fits-all solution, but when applied correctly, it was transformative.

And so, the once tense office transformed into a workspace filled with laughter and smiles. Productivity soared, the bonds between colleagues strengthened, and work no longer felt like a mere obligation but a joyful endeavor. And they all worked happily ever after. Remember, even at work, you don't need to be serious all the time!