Custom Fields in Atlas

Atlas introduced a new feature. You can now add custom fields to projects and goals in Atlas.

This allows you to customize Atlas with your own terms, making reporting on projects easier. For example, you can add custom fields department, budget, and sponsor. Plus, they're included in your weekly updates to make sure they're always up to date.

Submit for Codegeist Unleashed

Get ready for Atlassian's Codegeist Unleashed, the annual developer hackathon, with just 1 day left to enter!

The competition ends on October 24, 2023, at 11:45 pm EDT, offering participants a shot at $172,500 in prizes. Craft innovative AI apps on Atlassian's Forge platform for a chance to win big. Prizes include cash rewards, event tickets, and developer swag packs.

Don't miss your opportunity to showcase your AI-powered project and potentially change the game in app development. If you haven't already a reminder to submit now and be part of Codegeist Unleashed!

New Rule Builder for Automation

Automation Rule Builder is getting a new fresh UI! The new design will bring:

  • Clearer rule flow visibility, making it easy to create, edit, and reorder rule components.
  • Side-bar component details to reduce scrolling.
  • And extra Essential features all in one place like quick save options, rule toggles, and audit logs.

This improved Rule Builder will roll out across Jira, Confluence, and JSM & JWM by the end of the year.

How to Migrate Without Breaking Things

Join this upcoming webinar on October 26th, 2023, titled "How to Migrate Without Breaking Things." Led by experts Ed Gaile and Kelsey LaMastres, this informative session is designed to help businesses seamlessly migrate away from Atlassian Server while preserving customizations and data integrity.

This event is crucial for Business Owners, IT Managers, Project Managers, Jira Administrators, and anyone involved in platform migration. Attendees will learn efficient migration strategies, how to minimize disruptions, safeguard data, maintain productivity, and leverage tools like Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and Configuration Manager for Jira.

So if you want to simplify your migration process with expert insights join the webinar.

πŸ—“ Weekly Events Roundup

There are quite a few Atlassian-organized events you might be interested in this week.

  • Tomorrow join this webinar and learn about effective product discovery with Jira Product Discovery in a webinar featuring Tanguy Crusson, Head of Product. Discover feedback collection, idea prioritization, roadmap building, and the continuous discovery-delivery loop. Ideal for product managers, the webinar offers real-life insights.
  • Then on Wednesday at TechTalk Summits, discover how Jira Service Management benefits software development teams in an Atlassian-sponsored webinar on October 25th at 8 AM PST. If you register there's also an on-demand recording if you can't join live.

There are also a few Partner organized events worth mentioning.

  • Event 1: "itSMF Sector Spotlight" by Adaptavist on Oct 24, covers ITSM in financial services, including cloud-based ITIL and agile practices.
  • Event 2: "Migration Maverick: Expert Strategies and Battle-Tested Insights" by Contegix on Oct 25th, discusses challenges and strategies for migrating from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud.

And here's a couple of community events happening this week.

  • Event 1: A Virtual Event in Temecula Valley, US Today - "Atlassian Security: Backup Best Practices" for data protection.
  • Event 2: Another Virtual Event in NΓΌrnberg, Tomorrow - K15t shares insights on transitioning to Jira Cloud.

Jira Email Notification Customization

Jira is launching an Early Access Program for a revamped email notification system!

Jira Software Cloud admins can now try this new feature offering more detailed email settings for better control over issue notifications to reduce email clutter. The older admin tool will be removed, and interactions via APIs won't work during the EAP. So keep that in mind before you sign up!

If you're interested, you can sign up via survey - the link is in the community post.

Compass is Now in GA

Big news about Compass. The developer portal has transitioned into General Availability (GA), offering valuable insights into developer experience. Beta users, who signed up before October 5, 2023, will continue to enjoy free access until March 31, 2024.

The platform is now available in Free and Standard plans, with a free catalog for all users. Compass streamlines developer processes and offers data retention and support. It seeks to enhance Atlassian's tools' compatibility and extend its use cases, making it an integral part of the developer workflow.

If you haven't tried it yet, you can sign up now to experience the benefits of this awesome dev platform.

πŸ“š Article of the week: Community Growth at Atlassian

What's special about Atlassian is its customer-focused approach, which prioritizes creating high-quality products that users want to talk about and share. This has enabled them to keep marketing costs low. They also adopted a unique self-service sales model, offering clear pricing without negotiations.

But when it comes to a user-centric approach, Atlassian has seen unprecedented growth thanks to its user and partner community.

This article is an in-depth analysis of how the Atlassian Community works and its impact on Atlassian business.