New Confluence Space Permissions

Confluence's Space Permissions just got a revamp! You can easily navigate through different sections via tabs to manage Users, Groups, Guests, and Anonymous access. You can easily manage permissions with a simple click in Space Settings. Plus, this update lays the groundwork for more user experience enhancements in the future. The rollout is happening over the next few weeks.

20k Agents in JSM Cloud

Atlassian has announced a significant expansion of their Jira Service Management Cloud, doubling its capacity to 20,000 agents. This move aims to meet growing enterprise needs by enhancing IT, support, and business service teams' capabilities.

In addition to increasing agent numbers, over the last year, Atlassian has introduced features like configurable SSO for external users, customizable cloud site URLs (currently in beta), and new instance creation management. They've also added a Virtual Agent to automate support interactions. More updates are expected soon, so stay tuned.

Atlas - Updates from Where You Work

Atlas improves your Atlas status update workflow with new features! You can now post updates directly from Jira Software, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. In Jira, use the Status update field; in Slack, try the /atlas update command; and in Teams, click the Write update button.

This integration keeps you in your workflow while keeping the team updated. Give it a try, and don't forget to share your feedback through the 'Give feedback' option in Atlas!

Weekly Events Roundup

Now, let's look at the events happening this week; there's plenty to choose from.

Atlassian is running a couple of webinars this week, for example:

  • Understanding AI Today: Accelerating Digital Business with Virtual Teammates - Scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2024, this webinar will delve into the overview and history of generative AI, its impact on daily business operations, and Atlassian's AI strategy.
  • The Collaborative Path to Innovation on 26th - This session explores how Atlassian Innovations can enhance team collaboration, providing insights into more effective collaborative strategies and tools.

Great sessions offered by Atlassian partners as well this week like:

  • Improving Software Development with AI" on 24th: Herzum Inc. explores AI's impact on software development, discussing how it might transform the industry and offering guidance for developers in this evolving field.
  • Future-ready: Powering Innovation with Atlassian Cloud" (January 25, 2024): Modus Create hosts a webinar on maximizing Atlassian Cloud's potential, providing tools and strategies for effective cloud adoption in organizations.

Super interesting ace events as well:

  • High School Students Mentorship. Today in Palm Beach County, US: A workshop by Atlassian Community and partners to empower local high school students with team collaboration skills.
  • Team Up Jira Service Management with ITSM Systems. Tomorrow, a Virtual Event in Southampton, GB: ACE Solent & Zigiwave will present an exploration of integrating Jira Service Management with other ITSM systems for enhanced IT service.

Assets Objects in Confluence Cloud

Big news for Jira Service Management and Confluence users! The open beta of a new feature that integrates Jira Service Management Assets with Confluence Cloud is now live. You can directly embed and view Assets data within Confluence tables, streamlining your workflow and improving information accessibility.

To use this, you need to have relevant permissions in both Jira and Confluence. For now, it's limited to Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise users, with broader access planned soon. Try it out and share your feedback in the community post!

Security Advisory CVE-2023-22527

Atlassian has issued a critical security advisory (CVE-2023-22527) for Confluence Data Center and Server. Customers using outdated versions are at risk of a severe remote code execution attack.

This vulnerability, with the highest critical rating of CVSS 10, requires immediate action. Atlassian urges customers to update their instances per the advisory to protect against this and other vulnerabilities. Cloud sites are not affected.

For more information, visit the link in our video description or comment and review Atlassian's security advisory.

Trello Blog Moved to Atlassian Blog

Trello's blog has officially moved to Atlassian's Work Life platform! After seven years of sharing top-notch productivity and remote work stories, Trello joins the Work Life blog to bring even more inspiring content.

The merge into Atlassian’s blog means a wider variety of teamwork articles, productivity hacks, and insights. Check out the Trello section on the Work Life blog for all the latest updates, tips, and tricks. Plus, explore categories like Productivity and Teamwork for valuable workplace advice.

Your Codegeist Project on Marketplace

Atlassian's latest Developer Blog post encourages Codegeist Unleashed participants to elevate their AI-powered apps by listing them on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The article outlines steps for submitting apps, entering the Customer Choice Award Contest, and gaining visibility. The blog underlines the opportunity to test app viability and attract customer interest, offering resources and tips for success.

1000 Days of Distributed at Atlassian

Atlassian's report on 1,000 days of distributed work reveals impressive results: 92% of employees say it enables their best work, contributing to high retention rates.

Women's representation in some regions doubled, with over 80% of staff visiting offices quarterly. Intentional team gatherings improved feelings of connection by 27%. Like the new one in Austin, offices are being redesigned for team interaction.

Future plans include enhanced support for new graduates and improved guidance for working across time zones.