Copy Product Data for Confluence

Exciting news for Confluence users: an early access program has been launched for the Copy Product Data feature. What does the feature do? It allows Confluence admins to copy data seamlessly between sites. So you don't need to raise a ticket with Atlassian anymore!

Confluence cloud admins who manage data across multiple sites are now invited to join the EAP to give feedback. So if you're an admin, sign up now - the link and the steps are in the post.

Customer Notification Logs for JSM

And the second EAP program that you can join - Customer Notification Logs for Jira Service Management. Project admins can now track undelivered customer notifications and identify potential issues without reaching out to support teams. SosSign up for the EAP through the provided link in the post and give it a try!

Weekly Events Roundup

There's plenty of events happening this week in the ecosystem and here's a couple from Atlassian:

  • Cross-team Agility and Collaboration at Lumen with Jira.
    This event is a webinar scheduled for May 24, focusing on how Lumen, a software development company, achieves agility and alignment across its organization using Jira Software. The objective is to provide insights on how teams can move quickly while staying connected through the platform.
  • Visualizing Agile Development with Jira Software's Roadmap and Advanced Roadmap.
    The Japanese event is about demonstrating how to visualize project and product development progress using Jira Software's roadmap and Advanced Roadmap. The focus will be on practical use-cases to provide a hands-on understanding of these tools for Agile development.

As for partner organized events:

  • The Power of ITSM and ESM in an Uncertain Economy: On Tuesday this webinar by Adaptavist focuses on leveraging the power of IT and Enterprise Service Management to deliver excellent service amidst an uncertain economy.
  • Jira Align: Success Stories over Wine: Same day Tuesday, an in-person event by Expium LLC, where participants can learn from enterprise guests sharing their Jira Align experiences, while enjoying wine tastings.

If you're keen to find out what else is happening this week don't forget to visit the Goosly calendar.

Embed into Confluence and Jira

Atlassian is Introducing Smart Links to embed request forms, knowledge base articles, and portals into Confluence and Jira. So no more switching between tabs or windows. You can access everything you need right within your Jira and Confluence. You just simply copy and paste the URL of the form or portal into Confluence or Jira. Customize how you want the smart link to show, and you're all set!

Article of the week: Should Teams Set Time for Virtual Hangs

This time, we'll talk about the Work Check podcast! There is a new episode of the podcast talking about whether your team should set aside time for virtual team building.

Join Christine, the host of the show, as Deb and Marshall battle it out live at the Atlassian Team '23 conference. This is the episode that was recorded live at the Community Workshop. Deb champions virtual socializing, highlighting the importance of workplace friendships and culture building. Marshall argues for canceling poorly executed Zoom hangs to foster organic team bonding.

Atlassian Partner & Developer News

May 2023 Tech Partner Marketing Hour

Atlassian Partner Marketing launches webinar series for app adoption and business growth strategies. The initiative, which started on May 10, 2023, provides a framework for creating audience-focused marketing assets aligned with the buyer's journey.

This involves identifying the audience and goals, creating engaging content to capture potential buyers, and utilizing Atlassian Channels like the Atlassian Community and Atlassian Socials. In addition, quarterly App Hours allow partners to demo their apps to customers.

Do check out the post and video available as there's a wealth of valuable content to set you on the right track with your marketplace business.

May Edition ACE Berlin-Brandenburg

Another cool ACE event is happening this Thursday. The upcoming ACE Berlin-Brandenburg May Edition, featuring Appsvio, offers networking, fun, and educational talks.

Topics include Jira Service Management organization, boosting work efficiency, and Jira Work Management for business teams. Available both virtually and in-person. So no excuse not to attend.

Level-up Your Jira Reporting

There's also this webinar about reporting from our friends at Aptis. The event focuses on maximizing Jira's reporting capabilities and supplementing them with Atlassian Marketplace add-ons.

Attendees will learn how to effectively track issues, manage workloads, and analyze project progress. Ideal for those seeking to boost team performance.

DevOps Practices for Jira Configuration

And if you're interested in Jira Configuration best practices, check out this event from Salto.