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Plant Your Code

Atlassian last week announced the launch of a new charitative challenge called "Plant your code". You can easily participate by completing 4 levels of short javascript challenges. Once you complete a level Atlassian donates themselves to one of the six Atlassian Foundation Partners that are supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts in India or the Philippines.

Plan your code - Atlassian donates to charities while you solve javascript challenges

Delight Your Day: 6 Remarkable Trello Features To Try

This article sums up a set of great small features in Trello that will make your day. It shows you how to create a divider card, add confetti animation you your done column, how to add emojis and gifs on the cards and more.

Confluence improvements - Confetti when you move ticket to Done

Webinar: How to move from agile marketing theory to practice with Atlassian

Save the date for the webinar about agile marketing and tools to help you run it happening on 20th and 21st July. The first part of the webinar covers the agile marketing theory and gives real-life examples. In the second part, you can then learn which tools you can use and how to bring your team closer together so they can stay on top of their game.

CalDAV has arrived in Team Calendars Cloud

CalDav has arrived to Confluence Team Calendars. CalDav is the internet standard for allowing a client to access a calendar server. In this case clients can be Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar and the server is Confluence Team Calendars.

This will bring two way synchronization, allowing you to link any of the mentioned clients, create and manage Confluence Calendar events from your preferred client and vice versa.

Limited-time free training courses at the new Atlassian University

The new Atlassian university experience and it's finaly here! When you go to university.atlassian.com you can see new Atlassian university page with new courses.

Free Atlassian courses in the new Atlassian university

Great news is that until 1st July 2021 you can take selected courses for Free! Some of the free Atlassian courses are:

  • Jira essentials with agile mindset
  • Jira administration part 1
  • Jira Automation
  • Atlassian DevOps essentials

If you ever thought of taking some Atlassian related course now is the right time.

The Startup corner: A new video series to help startups

In the Startup Corner video series Biro, CEO and founder at Jexo, shares our experience as a young startup in the SaaS space. He talks about everything from people and culture, growing a brand and audience, tools and processes and more. A new episode will be published every week on our Jexo Youtube channel 👉 make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out.

Create top-level pages and blog posts directly in your Confluence space

The ability to quickly create new pages by simply using a plus button on the top of the page tree is coming to Confluence soon. Small but great improvement that makes whole "Create a new page"  journey more consistent.

Atlassian Connect installation lifecycle security improvements

Changes are coming to connect apps that require your attention 🚨. The /install and /uninstall hooks will be secured with a signature generated using an asymmetric keypair using the RS256 algorithm.

This change is to help prevent Denial of Service Attacks to install and uninstall hooks. Every connect app that uses authentication, needs to update to reflect the changes by 19th of August 2021.

If you are using any of the Connect app frameworks (eg. ACE) you will need to upgrade to latest version and follow the instructions on this post.

Behind the digital curtain — designing our Team ’21 virtual stage environment

This article from the Atlassian design blog describes the whole process behind designing the Atlassian Team event in 2020 and 2021. They share what was their inspiration, how they were setting up the scenes and ideas behind the animations.

If you are curious how Team 2021 was born have a read.

Atlassian designers shared the process behind creating Team 2021