Update: Atlassian’s path to FedRAMP

The Atlassian team published an update on their progress toward the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

In the past 2 years, Atlassian has seen huge progress on its journey:

  • βœ… Data residency rollouts
  • βœ… Increasing number of supported users per instance to 35k users and soon scaling to 50k
  • βœ… HiPPA compliance

Yet, even with this progress, the team won't be able to achieve FedRAMP Moderate authorization in 2023 due to new expectations and requirements.

The team will be sharing further updates on the Trust and Security community group. So join the group if you would like to stay up to date.

Take part in the Atlassian Marketplace App Trust Survey

For Atlassian Administrators who install and manage Apps from the Marketplace:
Atlassian is looking for feedback on security and trust requirements in your organization for apps you use.

The team published a survey to get your feedback on encryption, data storage, authentication, and other security practices.

Your input is crucial to Atlassian and vendors like us, so please take 10 minutes out of your time to feedback on this. And as a bonus, Atlassian will donate $50 on your behalf to charity.

Announcing Jira Product Discovery pricing

And now to the long-awaited news.
Jira Product Discovery is soon moving from beta to General availability. What that also means is that Jira Product Discovery is getting its own pricing model.

In this post, you can find thoughts on the upcoming pricing and how it could look like.

There will be 2 plans available - Free and Standard. The free plan allows only 3 creators, which are users who can use the tool. And the unlimited number of contributors - people who have read-only access. If you have more than 3 creators you move to the Standard plan where you pay 10$ per user.

If you have any questions or feedback you can leave a comment on the post.

Modus Create Acquires Twybee

Another week, another partnership announcement. This one is in the Solutions Partner world. Modus Create has been in the news quite a lot, and their back with their 4th acquisition this year.

Last week, Modus Create announced that the team at Twybee, a French Atlassian Gold Partner, is joining Modus Create to help the company consolidate its footprint in Europe.

Twybee is a well-known partner that's very active in the community. The two teams working together will bring more thought leadership and marketing initiatives in the Atlassian ecosystem. And we're all looking forward to it.

Congrats to both teams on the deal!

Welcoming the Home page to Compass

And now to the improvements for Compass.
Compass is getting a great update - A home page.

A single place where you can learn about the software architecture, teams, and compass components. A new Home page will help you answer questions like "did my team ship the latest feature on time?" "Are there any incidents that might affect me?" and so on.

If you're using Compass, take a look at this new home page and let us know what you think!

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

This week, we have quite a few partner-organized events and Atlassian Community ones. And a good chunk in person, which is interesting to see.

Tomorrow is packed with partner organized in-person events. You can join Seavus exploring Asset Management and Migration in Sweden or the Methoda's Atlassian Awards happening in Israel. Then on Thursday, iDalko is inviting you for a chat about ITSM in Antwerpen Belgium.

πŸ—“ Find all forthcoming Atlassian 2022 events on Goosly calendar.

Atlassian Open DevOps Release

You might have already seen some of the improvements in Open DevOps in your Jira. This community post is a great summary of all latest updates:

  1. Create branch button in your Jira issues that autogenerate your create branch terminal command. Since different teams have different standards when it comes to branching strategy, you can configure how the branches are autogenerated.
  2. Improvement is to the Code tab in your Jira project where you can find a PR activity feed in the last 30 days of this project.
  3. And last, you can see the status of your PR at a glance on the Kanban board. This gives you a bigger picture about your sprint or progress status without the need to open issue details.

New date for cloud app purchasing on the new cloud billing engine

The billing team at Atlassian is rolling out a new shiny Billing system for customers. Last week, they announced the deployment date for the new billing engine for Marketplace Apps as well.

As of 28th November, customers and Marketplace app developers will have a new billing system for all license transactions.

What does that mean for app developers like us?
We expect future improvements, such as the anticipated app editions feature, customer contact details for free apps, better user experience for customers and partners to manage subscriptions, and many more.

There's also some changes to the mechanics of licensing data and APIs. So take a look at this developer forum post if you build Marketplace apps.

Article of the week: How Atlassian implemented its own multi-factor authentication library with time-based one-time passwords

Focusing on developers this week, we have an interesting read as the article of the week for you.

Atlassian engineering team published an informative post on how they built their own multi-factor authentication mechanism and replaced the prior from-the-shelf one.

They call their custom library for authentication 1time and it is released as open source. This means all devs out there building SaaS solutions can use it as well.

Why did Atlassian build their own time-based one-time password system when there are other established solutions out there?

There are a couple of reasons, for instance:

  • Implement RFC-6238 and RFC-4226 standards which many off-the-shelf solutions don't have;
  • Generate the timed unique URL using Google's Key Uri Format;
  • Use property-based testing to enable better testing scenarios based on a wide range of variables.

If you want to learn more on how this open source library works and how you can use it for your benefit in your application, check out the article of the week.