Jira Work Management November Updates

Let's have a look at the latest Jira Work Management updates. New advanced view settings allow you to keep filtering, grouping, sorting, and layout preferences when switching between projects.

You can also organize your tasks with colorful categories from the table view. There were also significant mobile app updates, and you can check out a redesigned Issues tab and a new Calendar view. Jira Work Management Premium will soon include a new Approvals feature, integrating approval steps into workflows for better task management.

Feedback - Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian invites its Analytics customers to participate in research on its beta "natural language to SQL" feature and chart creation process. Sessions, lasting 45 minutes via video conference, will involve discussions about user experiences. Participants will receive a $75 e-gift card and can schedule a session at their convenience. Contact atlassian-analytics@atlassian.com for more information.

Customer Service Management in JSM

Jira Service Management is introducing new customer service features for all its plans.

First, customer service management is now available on all Jira service management plans. Customer service management helps agents make important decisions. You can access a dedicated page with detailed information for each organization and customer.

But the feature I'm even more excited about is "Developer escalations." It makes collaboration between customer service and development teams easier. Allowing agents to escalate issues directly to developers.

You can also find more details about customers in the Customer Context section, showing you the top five detail fields from customer and organization profiles. You can use customer context APIs to sync data with CRMs, further streamlining customer service management.

Weekly Events Roundup

We start this week's events with some great partner-organized webinars.

  • "Elevating ITSM in Financial Services" on Wednesday. Join Adaptavist and Atlassian for a live event exploring IT Service Management strategies for financial services, addressing implementation complexities. It is happening at One Moorgate Place, London.
  • "AI and the Future of IT" same day Wednesday. Herzum hosts a live event in Quito, Ecuador, discussing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Agile, DevOps, and IT, exploring the latest AI trends and their potential for businesses. This is taking place at Edificio Metropolitan.

We also have a couple of ACE events this week.

  • On Wednesday in Singapore: An in-person community-led conference focused on service management. Attendees will join Atlassian product users and ITSM practitioners for discussions and networking opportunities related to service management practices.
  • And on Thursday in Jakarta: This virtual webinar will delve into Atlassian's IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. It aims to help organizations enhance service delivery, streamline IT operations, and increase efficiency using Atlassian's powerful ITSM tools.

What is New in Confluence Whiteboards

Confluence whiteboards got a new update and shared future plans!

Now, you can try Smart Sections to automate actions between whiteboards and Jira or Line Labels for easier diagramming. Also, there's a new hide cursor function to reduce distractions, support for international characters, and more templates!

Regarding future plans - Atlassian is preparing for General Availability (GA) next year, focusing on compliance and data residency. But they also plan to introduce features like comments, voting mechanisms, board exports, import options from other tools, grouping, in-depth search, version history, custom templates, and a 'Follow me' function.

Batch comments in Bitbucket PRs

Bitbucket Cloud introduces a new feature for batched comments in pull requests, allowing users to submit all feedback simultaneously, reducing email notifications. This feature aims to streamline communication among PR participants, offering a clearer and more efficient review process. Available now for all Bitbucket Cloud users.

4 Reasons You Can’t Focus at Work

The article "4 reasons you can’t focus at work (and how to destroy each one)" from the Trello blog discusses four main reasons for lack of focus: being tired, negatively impacted by bad news, multitasking, and disliking what we do. If any of that sounds like you, look at the article where you can find actionable tips on dealing with each cause.

For example - did you know that lack of sleep has a negative impact on your brain cells and, of course, focus? The scientists ran an experiment on mice and found out that after three days of only 4-5 hours of sleep, the mice lost 25% of the neurons essential for brain alertness.