Appfire acquired 7pace, marking expansion into Microsoft ecosystem

Appfire announced the acquisition of 7pace, creator of the top-selling app for Azure DevOps — 7pace Timetracker (which also recently launched on GitHub).

Announcing Atlas for Jira Cloud integration

The newly released Atlas for Jira Cloud integration is now available for admins to install on their Jira Cloud instance!

With the Atlas for Jira Cloud integration, you can now connect an Atlas project to a Jira Cloud Software epic for a richer integration.

Help us eliminate busy work (and win a cloudie)

Share your insights on the productivity on the Atlassian Migration group to get a chance to win a cloudie!

Make work vibrant: Announcing 20 new Trello label colors

Trello added 20 more color options to the labels!

Now when creating a label in Trello you can select from 30 colours 🌈!
There is also a color blind mode to improve app accessibility.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

Goosly Calendar contains the majority of events organized by Atlassian and Partners over 2022. It includes multi-day events, webinars, demos, and more.

Find All Your Atlassian Ecosystem events in one place.

📚 Article of the week:
Skip the screens: 3 ways old-school practices can help you work better

Many of us are on a hunt for better productivity "hacks" and routines.

But after trying all the apps you can, there are still a few old-school techniques that can be used in the remote world and make you more productive than any app.
Be it phone calls and walks over Zoom, or using pen and paper or post-it notes over notes on a computer.