Feedback Automation Template Categories

Atlassian is conducting a study to understand how users categorize templates in their Jira Cloud Automation tool. Participants are asked to take part in an unmoderated card sort, involving dragging and dropping templates into groups and naming them.

The insights will help improve template organization in Jira Cloud Automation. To participate, follow the provided link​.

Confluence Embedded Pages

Atlassian has expanded Confluence Cloud's integration capability, allowing you to create and edit Confluence pages within your favorite tools, like Miro, Lucid charts, InVision, and LaunchDarkly. This is going to improve your workflow by minimizing the need to switch between applications.

This feature is coming soon to the next batch of your favorite apps like Google Workspace, Refind, or MoveWorkForward.

Quick Search Improvements in Jira

These three new quick search improvements in Jira Cloud are going to help you find issues faster. You can now easily find issues you reported with a simple filter, see current projects at the top of search results, and use exact phrases for more precise searches.

The upcoming features also include an optional smart query, label-based search filtering, a hover-over the search result feature for additional information, as well as assistance for misspelled words.

πŸ—“ Weekly Events Roundup

The week is rich with a variety of webinars and events so here's a couple organized by Atlassian:

  • Webinar on Bitbucket Cloud migration: Learn about Atlassian's investment in Bitbucket Cloud and get tips on secure code migration, with a live Q&A session with the Bitbucket team on June 23rd.
  • Security in Jira: Understand how to integrate DevSecOps into your workflow using Jira Software, a tool that brings all identified vulnerabilities directly into your work plan, on June 21st.

There's also some really cool partner-organized events:

  • "Maximize Efficiency" In-Person Event: Join Atlassian & T4S Partners on Jun 20th tomorrow, for a Lunch-N-Learn event in Chicago to improve your IT Service Management processes using Jira Service Management system, with focus on enterprise targets.
  • "Let's Talk ITSM" Live Webinar: Join E7 Solutions on Wednesday, for a webinar on Atlassian's roadmap for Jira Service Management (JSM). Learn about the latest updates, future enhancements and the roadmap of JSM.

Then loads of ACE summer events, for example:

  • "ACE Virtual Event - Hong Kong" happening today: the HK community gathers user feedback on Atlassian products to potentially influence future product roadmaps. Speak up about your experience!
  • "ACE Virtual Event - Winnipeg" on 22nd: Daniel Magal, CEO of Next Decision, explains how to efficiently prioritize Jira issues using their proprietary algorithm and real-time voting process.

Packed summer week in the ecosystem and you should not miss out on all this action! Check out Goosly Calendar to find all these events and plenty more.

πŸ“š Article of the week: Zettelkasten Method

The recent Trello blog post introduces the Zettelkasten method, a notetaking technique for transforming daily information into valuable knowledge. The approach, developed by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann in the 1950s, involves creating and linking notes to form connections between unrelated pieces of information.

The post explains how to apply this method in the digital age using tools like Trello and Confluence, creating a second brain for personal or team knowledge management. Using this method, you can improve information retention and efficiency while fostering knowledge sharing.