JWM September Updates

Jira Work Management has some new updates. They're launching a feature that lets you import projects directly from Asana into Jira. This means you can easily move your tasks and plans from one platform to the other, making it easier for teams to collaborate.

On top of that, Jira Work Management has updated its mobile app for both iOS and Android to include a "Summary view." This lets you quickly check the status of your projects while you're on the go.

The JWM team is looking for feedback on their newest Premium edition, so feel free to share your thoughts in the community post!

New Packaging Model for Jira Automation

Starting November 1, 2023, Jira Cloud Automation will introduce a new packaging model to make automation easier and more consistent for users. In the old system, any automation rule that ran counted towards your limit,  whether it was successful or not. Now, only successful rule runs will count!

The update will also separate limits for different Jira products, rather than having a shared limit across all of them. This means you can better manage your automation usage for each specific Jira tool. Plus, the new model increases usage limits for Free and Standard plans, allowing you more room to grow your automation tasks.

You can preview these changes in October to see how they'll affect your usage and make changes if needed. Customers who might exceed their limits under the new model will be offered a 3-month Premium trial for more flexibility.

So if you're using Automation for Jira, have a look at the post and get familiar with new limits!

New in Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket Cloud is rolling out new features to improve scale, security, and compliance for enterprise teams. One of the biggest additions is the integration of Forge, Atlassian’s app development platform. With Forge, you can create custom merge checks to meet your organization's specific requirements, like no code merges after 5 p.m. on Fridays.

Another major update is the use of AI in text and code editors. AI will help summarize comments and even suggest changes during code reviews, making the review process faster and more efficient.

Bitbucket is also introducing Unified User Management, letting you manage Bitbucket, Jira, and Confluence users all in one place under Atlassian Admin. This change will be available for new customers in early 2024 and existing ones in late 2024.

Webinar - Jira Server Is Going Away

The webinar focuses on the necessary steps to migrate your Jira Server instance to Cloud or Data Center before Jira Server reaches its end-of-support date. If your organization is looking to transition from Jira Server, this session provides insights and tools to facilitate a smooth migration, especially concerning Project Portfolio data.

This event is for Jira Server Admins, PMO Senior Leaders, DevOps/SysOps Senior Leaders, and admins of PPM tools like BigPicture and Structure.

You will learn about migration to Cloud or Data Center and which is best for you. So if you're in the middle of or just starting to migrate from Server this session is a must. Check all the details on the event page.

🗓 Weekly Events Roundup

This week, we'll have a webinar from Atlassian: "Scaling Agile" on Sep 19th dives into expanding agile practices beyond team levels with Jira Align. Brad Kramer, Sr. Solutions Engineer, will discuss connecting team tasks to business strategies, enhancing decision-making, and fostering innovation. There's also a Q&A session post-presentation.

Partner-organized events:

  • The next generation of Atlassian tools by GLiNTECH is a webinar on Wednesday. Atlassian now offers more than just Jira. Explore new Cloud capabilities tailored for diverse teams. Join GLiNTECH and Atlassian to discover the latest tools and tips for boosting organizational productivity.
  • Herzum Enterprise Day in Chicago. This is happening this Thursday, so if you're in Chicago prepare for the AI transformation at Herzum Enterprise Day. Engage in discussions on AI trends and their impact on Agile, DevOps, and IT. Network and gain insights from industry leaders to drive innovation.

ACE events:

  • JSM for Non-Technical Teams in ACE Campinas, Brazil is happening today. Explore how JSM can streamline non-tech team operations and optimize processes using Jira. Gain insights into a non-bureaucratic approach with the Atlassian Foundation.
  • September ACE London - ScriptRunner on Tour. On Wednesday, join the Atlassian Community Event in London. Experience the exciting 'ScriptRunner Tour' and engage with the community at the new Adaptavist office.

📚 Article of the week: Jira & ChatGPT - Triage Tickets with AI

Felipe Lucena wrote a detailed article on how to integrate ChatGPT with Jira Service to automate triaging tickets. By using artificial intelligence for sorting tickets, companies can improve accuracy, make processes more efficient, and allow teams to focus on more important tasks.

In the article, you can find the setup requirements, like configuring ChatGPT to analyze customer sentiment and issue type, and then return this information in JSON format for Jira to use. And also a step-by-step guide for integration, including generating an OpenAI API key and configuring Jira settings through the JMWE app.

Costs for using ChatGPT for this are extremely low, with an estimated cost of just around $5.52/month for 10,000 tickets.

AI in ticket management has a promising future, offering more streamlined and precise customer service.

Praecipio Acquires Gurnet Consulting

Austin-based Praecipio has acquired Gurnet Consulting, a trusted Atlassian-specialized management consulting firm, to strengthen its Atlassian capabilities in the Northeast U.S. and Canada.

This move deepens Praecipio's commitment to connecting enterprises and closing the gap between technology investment and realized value. Gurnet's expertise in enterprise agility solutions and successful track record will bolster Praecipio's position as a market leader for Atlassian products and enterprise transformation.