Research - Kanban for JSM

Atlassian is working on a new feature - Kanban boards for Jira Service Management. And need your help with finding volunteers for research. It's really easy to participate - In a 1 hour video call, you'll explore the prototype, perform tasks, and share your feedback. This will help shape the future of boards in JSM. Plus, you're going to receive a thank-you e-gift for participation.

Get involved if you can!

JWM Updates

And now let's have a look at what's new in Jira Work Management -  a new course at Atlassian University, open forms, and Confluence integration in board view.

  • A new course in the Atlassian university called "Get started with Jira Work management" The course covers Jira work management basics, and it's perfect for both new and experienced users.
  • A new feature improvement - With Open forms enable everyone who can access Jira to see the forms, not just users who can create issues, expanding the platform's reach.
  • Confluence integration with JWM that brings context to board view, allowing you to see confluence pages directly in JWM without the need to switch between the tabs.

Jira July 23

It's Jira July '23! This year's celebrations include fun activities, surprises, and great content. And all of you can participate and earn a special Jira July kudos badge.

Activities include creating a riddle to win the Jira Riddle Cup, sharing a masterpiece for the "Your Starting Line-up" challenge, and adding a favorite song to the Jira Jams Playlist. And, last Friday, July 14th for Jira Admin Appreciation Day so check the community and socials for the celebrations and if you didn't already - say thank you to your Jira admin!

🗓 Atlassian Events Roundup

SAFe Summit 23

On August 15th - 18th, join Fun Man Andy together with Tempo Software in Nashville Tennessee for an amazing event dedicated to serving the SAFe community. Keynotes, technical talks, customer stories, exhibits, and various networking opportunities!

Atlassian-organized events

If you missed Team Tour High-Velocity ITSM, don’t worry, Atlassian has you covered with their upcoming Webinar on July 27th: Jira Service Management for software development teams.

ACE events

On Wednesday, June 19th, Jens Schumacher from Released.So, will be talking to the whole world about “Reimagining Release Notes: Leveraging Jira to Craft Compelling Updates”… and it’s all about Artificial Intelligence.

Find all upcoming Atlassian events and ACE meetups at 👉 Events Calendar

Atlassian Influencer Roundup

New featured podcasts in the Atlassian ecosystem and beyond:

  • The Jira Life - a brand new podcast that broadcasts live every Thursday, created by the Alex from "Apetech Tech Tutorials" and Rodney, "The Jira Guy". The podcast covers everything relevant to being an Atlassian Admin. Topics such as best practices for your Atlassian tools, interviews with the movers and shakers within the community.
  • Misfit Founders just launched to great fan fare, a real conversation with other founders about facing and overcoming challenges as a founder, feeling out of place and learning from failures.

📚 Article of the week: Interview - Mark Scarr

Mark Scarr, Senior Director of Data Science at Atlassian, talks about his team's work on machine learning (ML) projects, such as recommendation engines and customer lifetime value modelling. He emphasizes how Atlassian's shift to cloud solutions has increased data accessibility, enhancing model training.

Scarr also mentions exploring the potential of generative AI, such as text summarization and automatic ticket generation. He highlights the recent commitment to infusing AI functionality across Atlassian's products.

Interesting fact: Scarr's team considers moving beyond keyboard interaction towards voice-based interaction with tools like Jira and Confluence.