EAP - Copy Product Data for JSM

Atlassian's Jira Service Management is rolling out an exciting Early Access Program for "Copy Product Data." This new feature allows users to effortlessly duplicate product data in Jira, streamlining workflows and saving time.

With Copy Product Data, you can quickly replicate product information, making project management a breeze. Sign up to the EAP to get a firsthand experience of this game-changing functionality and supercharge your Jira Service Management experience.

Trello Atlassian Intelligence in BETA

Atlassian's Intelligence AI is transforming teamwork in Trello, offering smart suggestions and automations. This will accelerate project management, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

By harnessing AI-driven insights, teams can boost productivity and achieve more. Reach out to your Trello admins to enable Atlassian Intelligence in Trello!

Keep Track of Viewed Files on Bitbucket

Bitbucket Cloud introduces a new feature allowing users to mark files as "viewed" during pull request reviews. Once marked, the file collapses to help reviewers focus on pending files. Bitbucket remembers viewed files, but resets the status if there are new commits to the source branch. A progress bar also shows review completion.

The feature, addressing a common user request, is now available for all Bitbucket Cloud users. Try it out and share your feedback via the Bitbucket help menu.

App Data Residency Updates

Atlassian is enhancing data residency features for Marketplace Partners and customers. Data residency ensures in-scope data, like personal and sensitive data, remains within a trusted region, essential for industries like finance and healthcare.

Recent updates include a new realm for Connect data residency in Canada, plans for realms in Japan, South Korea, Brazil, India, the UK, and Switzerland, and general availability of realm migration for Connect. Additionally, Atlassian will introduce data residency for Forge hosted storage in 2024, enabling partners to provide data residency without additional investments.

Further improvements to customer UI and realm persistence are underway. Atlassian continues to provide resources and support via the Partner Portal.

Analytics Updates - September 2023

In the latest Atlassian Analytics Updates for September 2023, users can expect enhanced data analytics features. Key improvements include new custom reporting options, simplified data extraction, and improved dashboard personalization.

These updates empower users to make data-driven decisions more efficiently and customize their analytics experience. Stay ahead in data analysis with Atlassian's latest enhancements.

🗓 Weekly Events Roundup

Atlassian organized:

On October 17th, attend the quarterly roadmap update by Atlassian to discover the latest features for software teams and upcoming enhancements. The event will spotlight two product demonstrations: the developer experience product, Compass, and an improved Figma integration.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Recent and upcoming features for software teams.
  • Live demos of Compass and the new Figma-Jira integration.
  • Live Q&A session with Atlassian's product and marketing experts.

Partner events

  • Tomorrow, on the 17th, attend Central Europe's largest Atlassian conference in Cracow. Dive into topics like ITSM, Jira cloud migration, and Jira vs. AI. Networking, keynotes, and breakout sessions await.
  • And on Thursday join the enlightening DevOps and Cloud Day in Vienna. Get updated on the latest in Cloud, DevOps, Software Development, and AI. A must-attend for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

ACE events

  • On October 18th there's an in-person community event in Seoul. Explore how Marketplace apps enhance Atlassian's usability, manage user licenses, and optimize business processes.
  • And the next day Atlanta community is hosting an in person event as well. Discover the capabilities of Jira's native CMDB. Learn to manage assets and configuration items, troubleshoot quickly, and incorporate context into service requests. Bonus: Manage unique inventory like pianos!

Welcoming Loom to the Atlassian Team

Atlassian has acquired Loom, a video messaging platform. This strategic move aims to improve remote collaboration by integrating Loom's capabilities into Atlassian products, making communication and teamwork more seamless for users. We're excited about what opportunities this will bring for both Atlassian and Loom customers!

📚 Article of the week: How to Recover from Burnout

Burnout, marked by intense mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, is on the rise, with 59% of workers and 53% of managers reporting symptoms. Key indicators include prolonged negative feelings, physical ailments, mood shifts, and altered habits.

For those affected, the recommended recovery strategies include:

  • Declutter: Eliminating unnecessary tasks.
  • Self-Care: Focusing on sleep, diet, and exercise.
  • Outside Interests: Cultivating non-work activities.
  • Open Communication: Discussing workload concerns with managers.
  • Seek Support: Connecting with peers or professionals.
  • Take a Break: Paring this with other strategies to prevent relapse.

Despite its challenges, burnout can be overcome, allowing for a stronger rebound.