New in Confluence Automation

Four new features are coming to Confluence Automation: New Rule Validations, Lookup Pages Action, Manual Triggers Template, and Template Categories.

New Rule Validations help to make the execution of rules more accurate and show compatible components at a glance. The Lookup Pages Action enables efficient search and integration of up to 150 pages using CQL. A new Manual Triggers Template helps speed up rules creation between Confluence pages and Jira issues.

Updated Template Categories provide more explicit organization and easier access to a broader set of templates. These features are already available to all Confluence Premium and Enterprise customers.

Changes to Jira Align Standard Sales

Atlassian, under Sapphire Reels as Head of Product Marketing for Enterprise Agility & Jira Align, will discontinue Jira Align Standard Edition sales after February 1st, 2024, to focus on the Jira Align Enterprise edition.

This decision, aimed at enhancing the Jira Align experience and promoting agile practices, follows extensive feedback analysis. Current Standard Edition customers will receive support through their contract term, after which they will transition to suitable alternatives. The change underscores Atlassian's commitment to advancing performance, reliability, and product innovation.

EAP - Limit 3rd Party App Access

Atlassian's early access program now includes a feature for Jira, allowing better control over third-party app access to specific Jira projects. Which will help improve data security in Cloud. And it will be available to Atlassian Access or Cloud Enterprise customers. The program offers options to restrict app access, benefiting from app functionality while protecting sensitive content.

Your feedback is needed to help improve this feature and ensure it suits your needs, so if you're interested, sign up for EAP in the community post.

Weekly Events Roundup

This week, we have many ACE events happening, so here are a couple of interesting ones:

  • Today, an ACE Virtual Event, Campinas, BR: "Mastering ITSM: Unlocking Excellence in Service Management - Session 1" focuses on IT Service Management basics to advanced concepts, starting a series of enlightening sessions every two weeks.
  • On January 18, ACE In-Person Event, Austin, US: "Round 2: BBQ & Atlassian Intelligence" combines a BBQ event with insights into Atlassian's AI capabilities in Jira and Confluence, featuring talks by Atlassian experts.

Navigate to Goosly and check all of the upcoming Atlassian ecosystem events.

Free Agile & DevOps events

But aside from the regular events, Atlassian is launching Community Unleash events, which start in January 2024 and offer free tickets for agile and DevOps roundtables and networking across various cities.

Attendees will gain insights into Atlassian product updates, connect with peers, and engage with experts. Bonus: a discount on the Atlassian University's DevOps Essentials course.

New Workflow Editor in Jira

Jira has introduced a new Workflow Editor for team-managed projects. The new editor unifies the interface for editing workflows, including status and transition management.

You can easily add, modify, or delete elements within the workflow, improving efficiency and simplifying the process. So, if you're using team-managed projects and are waiting for a better way to manage workflows, give it a try!

Free Live Learning Courses

Starting January 2024, Atlassian offers free "Live Learning" virtual courses on Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and certifications.

These 60-minute sessions, led by Atlassian experts, provide interactive learning and peer engagement opportunities. Courses cover various topics, catering to beginners and advanced users alike.

Make Time for Work that Matters

New research by Atlassian's Team Anywhere Lab suggests that designing your workday around top priorities helps you be productive and less exhausted.

Atlassian ran an experiment where participants redesigned their calendars to focus on high-impact work. This involved declining non-essential meetings and allocating specific time blocks for different types of work, like deep focus and collaboration or even responding to messages. Results showed improved progress on top priorities and better goal clarity.