Automation for Jira in Data Centre 5.0

We'll start with a quick but exciting announcement: Automation for Jira feature is now native in Jira Data Center version 5.0 and up.

This is big news not only for data center users who where using the plugin version. But it's also great for new users that might not have been acquainted with automation capabilities inside Jira.

There's a link in the article to get you started. Learn how to automate repetitive actions with automation triggers and rules.

Having Automation for Jira, this powerful tool, at your disposal is a game changer for any team using Jira. So go and take advantage of it.

Introducing Data Residency in Germany

The Atlassian team announced the launch of a new data residency location option - Germany.

You can now select to host your data in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Germany. The next location options will be the UK, Japan, and Canada, announced later this year.

There are also more upcoming improvements to Atlassian enterprise products, such as HIPPA compliance, audit log improvements, new app access controls, and more.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

Meet Nikki Zรกvadskรก and Biro Florin, Jexo co-founders, in person at the
High Velocity ITSM event - O2 Arena in London on 8th December!

The High Velocity ITSM is going to be full awesome talks and networking with a famous special guest to perform for Atlassian fans of ITSM.

If you're planning to attend the event, meet Biro and Nikki for a drink and chat at High Velocity ITSM in December.

This week is pretty packed with Partner-organized events.

  • SAFe European symposiums this week: in Paris and in London;
  • ITSM-related webinars; ย 
  • Online events on migrating to cloud;

For something spicier, check out Introduction to Portfolio Management in Jira with Advance Roadmaps, held by Expium on Thursday.

As for Atlassian-organized, join a webinar on Tuesday with experts talking about the perks of Atlassian Premium.

Get all the details about any of these events on Goosly calendar.

The state of teams report 2022

Atlassian published the state of teams reports for this year! Atlassian interviewed over 1700 knowledge workers to learn about their workplace.

This is the second year Atlassian publishes the state of team reports. So it's interesting to see how the numbers have changed from the last year.

Although, recently we hear a lot about many people disengaging from work, the numbers show otherwise. 78% of surveyed people said they are enthusiastic about their work. This is 9% more than last year.

The numbers in general looked better for teams that have more work flexibility.
The average number of hours in meetings is 5 for office workers and 8 hours for people on distributed teams. There is a strong link between the number of hours in meetings and the likelihood of experiencing syndromes of burnout.

There are more interesting numbers in this report.
If you're leading a team, have a look.

Appfire Acquires

It's the season for powerful partnerships.

And Appfire is at the forefront with another exciting acquisition. This time, striking a deal with, who provide productivity and collaboration solutions for Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Integrations between platforms and tools are a vital part of any modern and flexible workforce. It enables seamless collaboration and prevents context-switching.

Every productivity platform is leaning hard on cross-ecosystem integrations to increase user acquisition and retention. So it is natural that Appfire has made a big step forward in this direction.

And what can be a better way forward than with Nextup? The company helped over 10 million users to work smarter by integrating Slack and Microsoft Teams with Jira and Confluence.

With this acquisition, Appfire is also increasing their AI capabilities by hiring a brilliant team. It's an exciting partnership and we wish both teams success in their new joint journey.

Article of the week: Why our team has a Chief Vibes Officer โ€“ and yours should too

And now to the article of the week - Why our team has a Chief Vibes Officer โ€“ and yours should too.

Chief vibes officer is a new fun role in the team that rotates every week. The person who's CVO that week declares and maintains the vibe to bring the team closer and keep them in tune.

But how do they do that? First, they declare the vibe on Monday. Some examples of vibes are Cozy, Curious, Thor, Beachy, and so on...

Then, they take the opportunity throughout the week to share quotes, motivational messages and meeting icebreakers all related to that vibe.

For example, if the vibe is Beachy, everyone changes their zoom background to the beach and wears flower shirt. If cozy, this will be a candle, cottage style, and a knitted jumper.

On Friday the CVO conducts vibe check where people share how the week went, their favorite moments, and so on.

This is a great way to break otherwise monotonous weeks and bring the team closer together.