Winners Announced - Dev Unleash

Ever wonder what Jira would be like if it were a game?

Dev Unleash hackathon participants made it a reality! πŸ‘‰ Have a look at the winners of the hackathon like The Saga of the Super Dev, Jirio (aka Jira Super Mario) and more!

Server App Sales Ending on 15th Feb

This should not be news to anyone still on Atlassian server products or partners that have server apps. But in case you missed it, this week on Wednesday, February 15th is the end of new sales for server apps.

The "Try it free" and "Buy it now" buttons will no longer be available on paid server app listings. And the "Get it now" button will not be visible on free server app listings. The "Installation" tab will also be removed.

Renewals and version upgrades will continue until the end of the server support date on February 15, 2024. Downloads will still be available, but renewals will be pro-rated to end at the end of the support date.

Atlassian announced of the end of server app sales and the end of server support timeline back in October 2020. And an email with all details was sent on January 10. The end of server app sales is part of Atlassian's server end-of-life timeline and is a step towards shifting customers to their cloud offerings.

Codegeist 22 Customer Choice Awards

Do you remember Codegeist '22 Β last year?

Atlassian announced the winners selected by the company, but now it's your turn to have a say in the Customer Choice Awards.

You can vote for your top 3 favorite apps from the categories of Business Teams, DevOps Teams, and IT Teams on the Atlassian Marketplace. Voting is simple, just leave a comment with your choices and reasons why under the community post by February 17th.

So go and check the new apps out, you can already find them on the Atlassian marketplace.

Confluence Cloud REST API V2

If you're a developer looking to improve the performance of your Confluence Cloud app? Good news!

The Confluence Cloud REST API V2 is now available, bringing major improvements over previous versions.

With specialized endpoints and lower request latency, the V2 API supports a range of data types such as attachments, blog posts, comments, and more. Additionally, the API utilizes cursor-based pagination for faster results and improved accuracy.

You can get started with the API already by visiting the documentation. The Atlassian team encourages developers to start using the new API in their apps and provide feedback to help shape its future. You can also join the discussion in the Developer Community.

But first, go and read the article for the full details of what's coming in V2.

Teams Changes in Advanced Roadmaps

Get ready for a big update on how Teams work in Advanced Roadmaps!

Teams in Advanced Roadmaps are combining with the Teams in Jira Software to bring you a seamless and unified experience.

If you're part of the Early Access Program, you'll see the first stages of the rollout in February 2023. For others, the rollout will begin a few months after that. To prepare, make sure any Shared teams you don't want to share with your entire org are deleted before the transition.

Read the community post to learn more about the changes and how to prepare.

New Permissions in Bitbucket

Bitbucket Cloud is taking permission management to the next level with the upcoming addition of project permissions and permission inheritance.

Admins will soon be able to configure group and user permissions for an entire project. The new project permissions model includes 4 hierarchical levels: Admin, Create, Write, and Read.

The introduction of permission inheritance will allow project permissions to apply to all repositories within the project, giving workspace admins more control. The changes will have no impact on existing repository permissions and will not disrupt end-users. Yet, it will result in some changes in the approach of workspace admins.

If you're a Bitbucket admin go and read the community post for more details.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

This week in the events realm most of the happening are on the ACE side, with plenty of in-person and remote events and to name a few:

  • In-Person event - an Introduction to Atlassian tools and review of High-Velocity ITSM in Bodensee, Austria on Tuesday
  • On Wednesday in Austin, Texas - a virtual event where Ramesh from Amoeboids will guide attendees on how to develop a product roadmap with customer feedback in mind.
  • Same day same country but in St. Louis, a talk about JSM for business teams, with both in-person and remote options available.

Plenty more events to discover so if you're curious, after watching this video do hop on our Goosly Events calendar for all the details.

Article of the week: Atlassian Unleash Highlights

If you missed the Atlassian-organized event Unleash last week, you are going to love this week's article!

At Unleash event Atlassian has announced three major announcements.

  1. Jira Product Discovery is a new product ideation and prioritization tool that will be generally available in early 2023. Many of you might already know Jira Product Discovery if you were part of the early access via the Point A program. The tool will help product managers prioritize, collaborate on, and deliver new product ideas to build better products that make a real impact. The entire product team can collaborate in a dedicated space to gather ideas, capture insights, prioritize, and share progress and plans.
  2. Jira Work Management will now be included with every new and existing Jira Software license for up to 35,000 users until March 2024, for free. This means that companies don't need to spend extra on additional project management software.
  3. Jira is introducing workflow and toolchain templates designed by industry experts and Atlassian customers to help customers get set up faster. These templates come with all the workflows, permission schemes, automations, and integrations already built-in. The Jira suite of products is designed to help teams manage their work from ideation to delivery and support, with connected tools that allow for seamless collaboration and work management.

If you're interested in more details go and have a look at the article!

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Compass Enterprise Architecture Manager

As Compass was presented last week at Unleash, the team at Polymetis Apps was launching a cool new app for the tool.

Enterprise Architecture Manager groups applications into business capabilities to enable architects to answer questions about the software landscape.

It provides insight into the purpose of each application and its fit for a business capability.

JXL Got Even More Spreadsheet Like

And the JXL app is morphing into a spreadsheet product that even the Microsoft Office team would be jealous of.

The team at FineSoftware has launched an improvement to its conditional cell and row formatting feature in Jira, allowing users to choose from 90 color shades and format both cell foreground and background.

The formatting can be based on specified conditions related to field values or other issue data.