Festive Icon For Jira Mobile App

Today is our last Monday Coffee episode this year and we'll be back on the 9th of January.

Jira mobile app has gone festive!
You can update your Jira Cloud app icon on iOS in your app settings.

Log4j 2 Live For Jira Server & DC

Atlassian team has announced they created their own fork of Log4j that is resolving security vulnerabilities and maintaining best possible performance.

Atlassian's Log4j version isn't vulnerable to Log4Shell and the update is now available in Jira Software 9.5 and Jira Service Management 5.5.

If you're a Jira administrator, taking care of Data Center products, have a look at this post where you can see your options and next steps.

Developer App Week 23 Announced

App Week is returning early next year.

If you're not familiar with this event, Developer App Week is an in-person hackathon where app developers get together and build useful apps or bring innovative concepts. All based on a couple of topics assigned by the Atlassian ecosystem team who organizes and hosts a week-long event.

Jexo was part of it in the early days, back in Summer 2019, also in Berlin, and we loved the experience.

If you're a developer building apps or a Marketplace partner, it's worth applying. You'll not only have fun building new things but also have the opportunity to share knowledge with peers and learn from the team behind the ecosystem.

You can apply until the 19th of December, and the event is happening from 6th to 10th of February in Berlin.

New Event - Atlassian Unleash

Atlassian announced a brand-new Atlassian agile & DevOps event called Unleash. The event is going to happen in Berlin on 9th February 2023, and you can join either in person or digitally for free!

Atlassian is looking for speakers for this event. So if you run or build software products, collaborate using Jira and other Atlassian tools, have a look at this post and apply to be a speaker!

And even if you're not interested in speaking you can already sign up for the event, so go and grab your spot!

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

As the year is coming to a closure, so is our 2022 events calendar. We created a 2023 Calendar for Atlassian events to make sure we don't keep to much clutter under one page.

There are quite a few Atlassian-organized events happening this week before the holidays slowdown.

  • Trello Enterprise Product Workshop - all about how to use Trello with large teams
  • Digital version of High Velocity event that happened last week in London.
  • Team Tour event in Singapore focused on all Cloud products.

As for partner-focused events:

  • CarahSoft is present with a booth at DoDIIS 2022 in San Antonio
  • Expium talks about Jira Work Management  
  • E7 Solutions is running a webinar on JSM

Make sure to visit Goosly Atlassian Events calendar for details about all these events as well as ACE community meetups near you.

Team-Managed Global Custom Fields

And now to the product updates in team-managed projects in Jira. Soon you'll be able to reuse global custom fields!

Jira admins will be able to create global custom fields that can be then reused by project admins. But you'll still have the ability to create custom fields on the project level.

This change is going to make creating team-managed projects much faster, as well as reusing automation rules easier.

If you use team-managed projects, take a look at this announcement to learn how you can setup global fields step by step.

App Editions Build Instructions

Atlassian published a page with instructions to allow implementing  app editions for Connect apps.

The upcoming App editions feature will allow app builders and vendors to provide several feature tiers for their app under a single listing. This means that if you have a light version of your app and an enterprise version you don't need to have two separate apps built and published on the marketplace.

With this new capability you'll be able to add feature flags in one app and allow customers to choose what tier they go for.

This post also contains an implementation roadmap. They plan to release Forge app instructions early next year. And after that, EAPs for both Forge and Connect.

Go through the article and the documentation and let us know what you think. We're excited about app editions and will make use of it.

Jira Dark Mode - Early Access

Next is one of the most anticipated updates! Jira Dark mode is available in early access program!

You can already switch on the dart theme on in your personal settings and give it a try!

If you have any feedback don't forget to raise it with the Atlassian team. There is a "Share your feedback" button in your personal settings.

Article of the week: ITSM 2022 Product Highlights

And now to the article of the week.

If you have missed the High-Velocity ITSM event, you can read this roundup to get all the important information and announcements.

Atlassian announced they're on a mission to end bad service management - expensive, slow and sluggish. And introduced a new feature that you can find in JSM.

The chat feature is now available in all JSM plans, including free plans. It enables integrating JSM with Slack or Teams. And allows your team members to raise questions directly from their main communication channel, while agents reply to these requests from JSM in real time.

There is a virtual AI agent available in early beta to help you speed up the resolution of the tickets. There are also over 300 templates available for all departments, eg. HR, Finance, Marketing, and so on to speed up setup and creation of new projects.

If you missed the event, have a look at the article so you stay up to date with the latest announcements to JSM.

New section on Monday Coffee:

Atlassian Partner and Developer News

We look at Partner announcements, major app upgrades, and new app launches. If you want to be featured in our stream, there's a link to submit your updates.

Contegix & Blended Perspectives

Last week was a frenzy of acquisition announcements, proper Christmas shopping.
Let's start with Contegix acquiring the popular Blended Perspectives team, well-known in the ecosystem for their MARS reports, Marketplace Analytics Research Service.

Great to see these two partners join forces!

Pure-Play Acquires Isos Technology

Next up, Isos Technology announced acquisition by The Acacia Group through their Pure-Play Atlassian investment strategy.

Isos Technology is a Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner helping both public and private sector organizations leverage Atlassian solutions for growth.

Acacia Group is a specialist investment firm helping businesses grow through digital transformation expertise.

Adaptavist Acquires Nimaworks

And the last acquisition we'll mention from last week is Adaptavist acquiring Nimaworks.

If you follow Monday Coffee on a weekly basis, you'll know that this is the second acquisition in a span of two weeks for Adaptavist.

Nimaworks is the largest Platinum Solution Partner in Greece, offering a variety of services. With the second European acquisition, Adaptavist signals the ambition to further expand into the European market.

🎉 Congrats to all parties in these partnerships announced last week!

New App: Elements Overview

And we close off the week with a great new app launched by Elements.

Elements Overview app enables you to display the related information in support tickets internally and to your customers.

It allows for full customisation on what kind of data you append to fit your needs.