New limits for escalation policies in Opsgenie

The Atlassian team announced changes to the escalation policies in Opsgenie that are going to be effective from 21st September.

The new limits are related to escalation policies per team,  escalation rule count per escalation policy, and escalation rule repeat count. This is going to help improve the performance and reliability of Opsgenie.

These changes are not going to affect your existing rules, only the new ones you're going to create.

If you have any feedback don't forget to leave a comment under this post.

Introducing Statuspage’s updated navigation

New and improved navigation started rolling out to Statuspage on September 6th.

The new navigation is going to be consistent with the ones, available in other Atlassian products. The menu will be located on the left side, and you can switch between organizations from the main navigation on the top.

These changes, coming to Statuspage, should improve the consistency and experience.

New products in Point A program

We didn't talk about Atlassian Point A program for a while.  Recently two new products have been published in the portfolio, and you can join the waiting list.

One is Beacon, which focuses on thread detection and security.

The second one, Fabric, is a collaborative whiteboard. Fabric will help with the ideation phase of your projects and then you can move the ideas and plan to the Atlassian tools.

Both of these products sound exciting. Do sign up if you're interested in any of them, so you can get updates.

Forge the Future of Teamwork — Codegeist 2022

And that's it for the Atlassian tools and upgrades announcements. Let's move to Codegeist 2022!

Codegeist is an Atlassian-organized hackathon in which anyone can take part.

Same as the last few years, the focus is to build an Atlassian app using Forge.
There are three categories that you can look at and take inspiration from - IT, DevOps, or Business teams.

The deadline for submission is more than a month away, 31st October 2022.

If you're thinking of trying to build an app on Forge, Codegeist 2022 is a great opportunity to get started!

📚 Article of the week: How to apologize for mistakes professionally — remotely or in person

This time, our article of the week is from the Trello blog. It will teach you how to professionally apologize for any mistakes.

It's impossible to go without a single mistake throughout our careers, so having good apology skills is definitely a must-have.

Apologizing for mistakes helps build trust and respect with coworkers. It's better for the team than trying to win arguments all the time and be right at all costs.

Research shows that women are expected to apologize more often. Also, managers expect their employees to apologize for more than they do. We all make mistakes sometimes, and if the apology is unexpected, it's even more powerful.

So if you're a manager try to think - when was the last time you apologized for something?

If you're looking for tips on how to structure your apology, this article is perfect.
It explains what a good apology looks like in 6 steps and gives tips on how you should deliver it if you work remotely or in person.