Codegeist Unleashed 2023

Codegeist is Atlassian's annual hackathon offering a total of $172,500 in cash prizes!

This year Codegeist focuses on creating apps using Forge in three categories: Developer Experience, Collaboration, and Data-Driven Insights. These categories aim to improve work-life by using AI for things like automating tasks and offering smart recommendations.

New Opsgenie Integration Setup

Opsgenie is launching a new and improved integration setup experience on September 14, 2023, for its cloud customers to make the process of onboarding and setting up easier and more efficient.

The new interface introduces a simple onboarding wizard to guide you through the two-step setup and configuration process. On top of that, advanced integration rules were also improved so they're easier to access and customize, right from the main screen.

This update makes the Opsgenie integration setup experience faster and more intuitive.

πŸ—“ Weekly Events Roundup

This week there aren't any Atlassian-organized events but plenty of Community events!

  • On Wednesday there is a Forge Roadmap webinar that you can join online to learn about recently released Forge features and what's planned.
  • On the same day, there is also an in-person community event in Denver with Mark Cruth - talking about simple exercises to help keep your team healthy.
  • Then on Thursday, you can join an in-person event in Amsterdam - To learn how to scale Agile with Jira Align.
  • In case you can't make it in person you can always join one of the virtual events on Thursday like for example Colombo's ACE talking about A Practical Approach to Jira Essentials for Scrum Masters.

On the partner side, there is a large event organized by ACA Group called TEAM UP 2023 - the biggest Atlassian ecosystem event in Belgium where you can join talks from Atlassian, Atlassian experts, partners, and customers! So if you love Atlassian, waffles, and chocolate this is the perfect event for you!

And for more events have a look a our Goosly calendar.

Atlassian Gamers for Extra Life 2023

The Atlassian team ran an Atlassian Gamers for Extra Life 2023 event to raise money for Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin.

The event was a 24-hour gaming marathon that took place on September 7 and 8, livestreamed on Twitch. Gamers from around the world played games, and took part in trivia, DJ sessions, and more!

Join Atlassian Creators Program

Atlassian has launched a new program called the Atlassian Creators Program, perfect for anyone who loves talking about Atlassian on social media. Applications are open until September 22, 2023.

After joining the program there are a few perks you can enjoy - You'll get a Welcome Kit filled with cool Atlassian swag, early access to new product information, and even surprise rewards. Atlassian will give you one-on-one support, helpful tools, and training to improve your social media skills. Your content will also get extra attention as Atlassian will actively share and promote your posts, helping you reach even more people.

To join, you need to be a real Atlassian fan, have shared at least three pieces of Atlassian content recently, and promise to make at least two posts a month. So, if you're excited about Atlassian and want to grow your online presence, this is a great chance!

πŸ“š Article of the week: Unusual Suspects

Atlassian published a report about unusual suspects in your team and how to treat them. For example Bad Apple - a person who loves to "pretend" they're devil's advocate, The Human torch - one who burns bright but then burns out, Flight risk, and more.