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As part of the group, you'll be invited to take part in research studies that include user interviews, usability tests, and providing feedback on new features. By sharing your thoughts and opinions, you'll have the opportunity to influence and improve Atlassian products, and even receive thank-you gifts for your participation.

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Jira Data Center App Usage Insight

Exciting news for Jira Data Center users! Atlassian has announced an Early Access Program for the App Usage Insight feature.

Admins who manage an instance with 1000+ users and 5+ marketplace apps (Atlassian bundled apps excluded) can join to provide feedback and influence feature functions' priority. The app uncovers app usage data including projects, dashboards, workflows, scheduled tasks, JQL, API calls, and database tables.

If you're interested, reply to the post and fill in the form to be contacted.

Introducing New Ways of Finding Teams

Atlassian has made it easier to find teams with a new dedicated search page. You can now browse all teams in your organization and find teams you or your colleagues are in with a new member filter.

Check out the top navigation menu to get started.

New Feature - Product Updates

Atlassian has rolled out Product updates, a one-stop shop for admins to find, learn, and subscribe to new features and changes within

With this update, admins can access release notes of relevant new features and receive email updates. Visit and select Products>Product updates to get started.

Transform Your Work Habits with Trello

Looking to build healthier work habits? Join the Better Work Habits Challenge on Community!

You'll receive a free Trello template, weekly activity suggestions, and Trello swag! Improve your work habits by exploring Trello's customizable boards and completing tasks that fit into your schedule. Learn how to create effective goals, improve team communication, set healthy boundaries, and more.

Whether it's for personal or professional use, Trello can help make progress.
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New Work Check Podcast Episode

Atlassian's "Work Check" podcast explores the age-old debate of whether to turn your camera on during video calls.

While it can be tempting to hide behind a black screen, turning your camera on can enhance communication, build relationships, and improve team dynamics. However, research shows that video conferencing can decrease creativity because focusing on eye contact takes away from idea generation.

So, to turn on your camera or not - the choice is totally yours. But check out the podcast for more science-proven arguments on the topic.

🗓 Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

This week, we have some notable events in the ecosystem:

  • On 14-15 March, Atlassian is hosting a webinar on Roadmap highlights: Looking ahead for Atlassian Data Center. For everyone planning their next DC upgrade, or interested to see what's ahead on the Data Center roadmap.
  • On 15 March, Highwaythree is planning a webinar to learn how Atlassian's ITSM solution streamlines workflows across development and operations at scale to enable greater collaboration between siloed teams.
  • On Thursday, March 16th, we have a webinar by Expium LLC about the benefits of migrating to Atlassian cloud platforms, unique features, and potential risks to avoid.

A few interesting in-person and virtual ACE events are happening this week. Navigate to Goosly Atlassian Events Calendar to choose an event for you.

📚 Article of the week: Product-Led Growth w Cameron Deatsch

In this week's article, we take a look at a SaaStr podcast with Atlassian's CRO, Cameron Deatsch, who shares how the company became the biggest product-led enterprise company in the world, using its products to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth.

If you're interested in the intersection of product development, sales, and business strategy, this podcast is a must-listen. Don't miss out on Cameron Deatsch's advice for those starting out!