Topics in Jira Service Management help center

New feature announced in Jira Service Management for Premium and Enterprise plans.

You'll be able to create Topics in your help center portal to simplify navigation and make it easier to find content.

You can create different topics and group request forms and knowledge articles from different portals.

This will help you quickly find the resources you need.

Open road, open roles: Meet the AtlassiVan team

Atlassian is going on a tour of Australia this month, in a van, to preach about the freedom of working from anywhere. You can also meet the recruitment team and learn about roles at Atlassian.

This sounds super fun!
So if you're in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne or any of the other Australian cities mentioned here, do catch the AtlassiVan and meet the Open Road Open Roles team.

There's no photos of the van anywhere, so if you see the van, please take a picture.

October 2022 Update: Atlassian to Wind Down Operations in Russia and Belarus

Atlassian announced an update to their position on the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Until now, Atlassian only closed down support and selling licenses for Russian and Belarussian companies working for the government.

As of 31st October 2022, Atlassian will be closing down its business in Russia and Belarus completely.

Eficode acquires Clearvision

Last week there was a big acquisition announcement! Eficode, a very established solution partner, acquired another established solution partner: Clearvision.

This is a significant merger that fortifies Eficode in UK and gains the company presence in US as well.

On top of that, Eficode becomes the largest Atlassian partner worldwide with more than 1400 customers across 10 countries and a revenue of 140 mil euros.

Congratulations to both teams for this union and wish them a bright future together!

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

Plenty of partner-organized events this week with a couple of notable ones.

All details are available for you to discover by visiting our Goosly calendar.

Quiz: Which time management strategy is right for you?

And now to the article of the week!

This time we'll have a look at 4 time management techniques that are going to help you get more productive.

If you're always multitasking, working on the latest fire, feeling like you don't have enough energy or have an information overload, take a look at these techniques.

You might know the majority of them. But it's always good to have a reminder and pick up one that you used in the past but stopped.

So the 4 techniques in the article are:

  • Eisenhower matrix to help you prioritize your tasks based on urgency and importance
  • 80/20 rule that says you can achieve 80 % of all results with 20% effort
  • Pomodoro clock
  • Time blocking technique

There is also a quiz that you can take to see what technique is the best for you to start with so you see results faster!