New Issue Create Experience

Jira Software is introducing an improved issue creation experience. It allows users to cut and maximize the modal between 3 different sizes.

The new feature helps you to minimize context switching.

As opposed to the main Jira create modal, you're going to be able to work with Jira, look at the backlog, roadmap or read details of other Jira issue, while raising a new issue.

Other updates to the issue experience include:

  • the ability to assign issues to yourself
  • inline editing of issue summary in team-managed project backlogs
  • a sticky editor toolbar
  • the ability to resize columns and change the default status of new issues
  • you can also easily link and reference attachments in the new issue view.

What a great roundup of new features to improve user experience and usability of Jira.

Jira Work Management On Chrome

Jira Work Management is now available in Google Chrome. This means, you can create and manage tasks right from the page that sparked the idea, without switching tabs.

To get started, add the Jira Work Management extension to your Chrome browser. You can  easily create tasks and assign them to the right teammate and project, add a description, and attach a screenshot or link.

If you're using Jira Work Management you need to give it a try. It will save you so much time when raising issues in Jira.

Nominations For 2023 Team Awards

The annual Team Awards are now open for nomination! This year, you can submit your team for one of four categories: Agile & DevOps, ITSM, Work Management, or Cloud Migration.

The website has all the details and a link to the nomination form. You have until February 12th, 2023 to submit your team.

This year, Atlassian is also selecting the Team of the Year and Foundation Award winners from all the submissions. And there will also be community voting to help select the first-ever Community's Choice award winner.

So go to the Team Awards website to nominate your team now!

Privacy & Security Tab On Marketplace

Atlassian is introducing a new Privacy & Security tab to the cloud app listings on the Marketplace. This will help customers access all the important information on app security and privacy in one place.

This new feature will be particularly helpful for customers with specific security and compliance requirements, making it easier for them to assess apps during the procurement process.

The tab will offer two submission options: an API for streamlined submissions and a web form UI for non-technical team members. Not only will the tab make it easier for customers to assess app security and privacy, but it may also shorten the number of questions customers need to ask Marketplace Partners.

This new feature is set to go live in March 2023 with the responses submission opening a month earlier in February. Cloud Fortified partners will have 6 months from that point to fill in the required fields.

This will be a valuable resource for both customers and Marketplace Partners, and we're looking forward to have it on our app profiles.

FY23 HIPAA Compliance

Atlassian has announced that several products, including Jira Cloud, Confluence Cloud, and Jira Service Management, are now HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA is a federal law that protects patient health information. This means that these products can be used safely to handle sensitive health information in a way that meets HIPAA's privacy, security, and breach notification rules.

If you're interested in more details you can visit Compliance Resource Center (you can find the link in the community post)

Reflecting On App Submission Experience

Caitlin published another great post detailing partner feedback and the impact it had. Atlassian launched a survey last year to gather feedback on the developer experience while building apps on its platforms.

The survey aims to understand which aspects of the experience are working well and which could be improved. The survey received responses from partners that submitted 133 Forge, 147 Connect, and 98 Server/DC apps to the Marketplace.

This feedback has had a significant impact on Atlassian's roadmap for the year.

It has led to adding over 20 new modules to Forge, improvements to popular modules, such as macros and custom fields, and new operational features such as site-level filtering and grouping by app version in metrics.

Atlassian will continue to gather feedback and make improvements in 2023.
And hopefully we continue to get this level of reporting on how feedback has contributed to change. It's a constant motivator for partners to continue and give this kind of feedback.

Devs Unleashed Hackathon

Atlassian is hosting a hackathon called Devs Unleashed where you can build a game for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, or Confluence with Atlassian Forge and REST APIs.

Three finalists will be selected to present their games in Berlin and compete for cash prizes. There are also prizes for regional winners and those who provide the most valuable feedback. The submission period is open until January 15, and finalist announcements will be made on February 7.

Have a look at this post to read more details and register on DevPost if you're planning to take part.

Article of the week: Why We Overestimate Our Abilities

And now to the article of the week - because it's a new year, many of us are making new year resolutions! But many of us overestimate how much we can actually do.

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate their knowledge or abilities, leading to poor decision-making and strained relationships with colleagues.

To avoid this bias, we can practice self-reflection and seek feedback from others.

It is also important for leaders to create a culture that encourages vulnerability and self-awareness to create a supportive work environment.

Atlassian Partner and Developer News

We look at Partner announcements, major app upgrades, and new app launches. If you want to be featured in our stream, there's a link to submit your updates.

Blended Perspectives A Year In Review Report

The awesome team at Blended Perspective is famous for reporting on Marketplace numbers with their MARS service. They have made a Year in review report which you might be interested in going trough.

Here's just a brief example of info you'll find in there:

  • The Atlassian Marketplace saw significant growth in 2022, with total installs for 3rd party apps increasing by 16%.
  • This growth was driven largely by cloud app installations and was particularly impressive when compared to the 4% growth in 2021 and 13% growth in 2020.
  • In 2022, the number of net new Atlassian Marketplace applications was only 182, compared to 1,004 and 633 in 2021 and 2020, respectively.
  • This drop suggests that vendors focused on improving their existing app portfolios rather than creating new products.
  • Cloud apps drove the most growth on the Marketplace in 2022, with Cloud-only apps experiencing 52% growth and apps on Cloud & DC experiencing 137% growth.
  • Integration was the fastest-growing category on the Marketplace in 2022, followed by Planning.

Go check out the full report on Blended Perspective's website.

Source Editor PRO | Forever FREE

The team at Appanvil released a new app called Source Editor PRO.

The app enables you to view and edit the Storage Format & Atlassian Document Format of Confluence pages. It comes with proper access control too.

If you're looking for that level of control to your confluence pages have a look at this app. It is free of charge.