What's New in Confluence Cloud

We start with a great roundup of all the improvements introduced in Confluence over the last 3 months. If you missed any of the prior feature launch posts or Monday Coffee for that matter, here's what you'll find mentioned in this post:

➡️ A better way to find Confluence page drafts. No more digging into confusing navigation. See drafts right where they're supposed to be - as pages within your menu structure.

➡️ You can now embed Confluence pages inside your Jira issue views. Super useful. Say goodbye to running two parallel tabs for Jira and Confluence.

➡️ Editing in Confluence got hassle-free. When editing a page, this feature automatically takes you to the section of the page you were viewing. Plus, you can use the keyboard shortcut to enter edit mode fast without scrolling.

➡️ New Confluence dedicated Youtube channel launched in July. Comes with some great content, worth checking out. The link is in this article.

And many other updates - explore all of them in this post.

AlwaysBeLearning: A University + Community Series to Help you Grow

September is here and with a new month, there is a new Atlassian community series.

Last week, Atlassian University announced that many courses will be closed during September. Their prices are being updated to cost up to 90% less.

If you're looking to learn something new, you can join #AlwaysBeLearning challenge in the Atlassian university community group. The team will post an article every Tuesday during September. And whether you're a beginner or a pro, there will be always something new you can learn from these posts.

Besides, if you're into Community badge hunting, there is a special AlwayBeLearning badge that you can get.

Do go ahead to the post and see how you can get one.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

Two major events happening this week that you should attend:

📌 Agile Amplified for Hybrid Teams - Atlassian is co-hosting a webinar with Miro, talking about collaboration challenges in an Agile world and how to tackle them. Wednesday, September 7th.

📌 Deviniti is running a big and popular event: Jira Day. This event has been around for a while and this year is the 10th edition. Wednesday, September 7th.

Congratulations to the organizers for putting together such a great event focused on Jira! It spans 2 days and comes with 3 topic tracks and plenty of great talks. This is an in-person event held in Warsaw, Poland.

Navigate to Goosly for other events around the Atlassian!

Weekly Virtual Coworking Streams

This Thursday and every upcoming Thursday from now on, between 3 pm and 8 pm BST, we're hosting a virtual coworking live stream on Goosly Youtube channel.

You might be wondering: what on earth is a Virtual Coworking Stream?

We're introducing a new concept that hopefully will help those of us working remotely to feel a bit more of an office vibe, engage with peers while working.

We are doing that by hosting a live stream on Youtube with a public chat that anyone working at home can join. Come and have a small talk with Nikki, Biro, and the rest of the Jexo team, as well as anyone else joining.

We partnered with a lot of great artists and producers to bring you beautiful Lofi and focus music to listen to while on the stream and working. Now all the music in the Coworking sessions will also be available as free public videos you can access at any time on Goosly channel.

This Thursday at 3pm BST, join us for a chat or simply listen to some great tracks while working.

And now to the article of the week! This article is great for anyone who's leading the team or is looking for team bonding exercises.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings are hard to avoid in a growing team. People tend to project their own biases on others and create assumptions.

What helps, at least a little bit, is knowing your teammates better. Who they are, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how they like to work, and so on.

And personality tests are one way you can go about it.Atlassian team tested 3 personality tests that you can try with your team. They all look really interesting.

You can find the pros and cons in the article and see if you would like to use any of these with your team.