This is the magical tale of 13 Jexo geeks and a terrier named Peanut, who journeyed across the land of tedious apps and complex processes to destroy the Dull Dragon and bring some color to the fortress of Appfire; their new home.

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In life, we acquire memories…
A good life is a collection of happy memories.

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Jexo Castle

Behind every successful story is an untold story; this one starts in London.

Chapter I.

Nikki & Biro

Jexo founders Nikki and Biro met in the summer of 2017.

Up until that fateful sunny day, both wizards had trained rigorously on their own for years, honing their skills while discovering the Land of PM - a land of tedious apps and complex processes.

Within months of meeting one another, Nikki and Biro had already paved the way to their first app, Swanly.

Oh yeah!

And their sense of mission only grew from there: gain the necessary knowledge, then offer it to the world, alongside tools that were full of power yet simple, pretty and easy to use.

Nikki and Biro knew the secret ways to manage work across the land, and their colors could not be contained; by 2018, they had built their castle.

1-UP Jexo Castle

Chapter II.

The Pledge of Color

Nikki and Biro had a hard time finding solutions that spoke to them; the tools in the land were complicated, hard to use and tedious with processes.

No color, no fun!

Our heroes made a courageous pledge to destroy the Dull Dragon once and for all, and restore all color to the land.

And so began the journey of collecting apps.

By the end of 2018, Jexo had 2 apps competing at the Atlassian Marketplace…
… where all dreams come true …

Swanly came first.

Then came Octo.

Power Up - Orb of ColoR

Level: Intermediate

Dragon Lair

Chapter III.

The re:solution Call

The road to success is paved with hard work, failure and constant discovery; and a few sprinkles of luck of course.

Since every journey gets its share of miracles along the way, ours came in the form of a golden partnership with re:solution in 2020.

Biro and Nikki were on their way to something big and they could feel it, but they needed new recruits; individuals who were great at their crafts, but also playful, grounded and real.

And they had to care for the people of the land.

Boosted - Star of Res

Chapter IV.

The Team in a Dream

Now that they were able to fund their voyage, Nikki and Biro traveled across the land in search of the Dream Team.

It took them almost 3 years to complete the Jexo team: 13 awesome individuals with big dreams and a penchant for kindness, food, games, anime and cute, fluffy animals.

The team was definitely united, focused, and everyone knew; they believed in their mission to destroy the Dull Dragon and bring fun, magic solutions to the people of the Land of PM.

Completed - 13 Diamonds

Chapter V.

Into the Dragon’s Lair

Success is often accompanied by a clear vision.

Jexo’s vision was for everyone to experience a life full of passion, skill and love for the craft, alongside hard-working individuals who felt similarly.

Winning over the Dull Dragon was but a matter of time; the monster didn’t stand a chance against the Dream Team!

By acquiring 6 color-blast apps and loads of content sprinkle power, the Jexo team was able to finally propel the dragon out of the land.

Easy peasy.

Collected - Dragon Tail Collected - Dragon Tail

Level: Boss

Appfire Camp

Chapter VI.

The Vortex to Fire

When a chapter closes, another opens; in our story, it was a vortex.

You know how they say that with the right vibes and the right people, it’s easy to create something magical... well; life responded.

The news of the Dull Dragon had quickly spread across the land, and our heroes found themselves catapulted to the Appfire Camp.

It was love at first sight!

Randall, George and Cody were quick to invite the team to a round of marshmallows, and get in on the new adventure.

Funny enough, the Appfire crew had had their own magical journey, fighting their own dragon.

Not only that! They had managed to build a beautiful fortress on a green land, filled with opportunities.

It was a match made in heaven.

Jexo and Appfire went on to develop the Land of PM together, until two was one, and one was all…

Completed - Fireheart Thans for playing!
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Why it makes perfect sense

What is worth doing is worth doing well, which is why we’re so thrilled to share that Jexo has been acquired by Appfire… and it’s going to be epic!

Because both cultures fit perfectly; on so many levels.

Simple; the people and the mission on both sides align.

When the people love life, their craft and their customers, and remain true to themselves, grounded and playful, you know you’ve got the right people.

When the team is united and focused on providing simple, practical, innovative, affordable and good-looking solutions, you know that the mission is right.

To be continued...